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Wondering why you should try a raw diet?

Our dogs bodies are anatomically designed to eat and digest raw meat.

Its our job to create delicious, balanced and easy to digest to serve recipes so that they can thrive on the diet they deserve to eat at home everyday!
Let us bring nature direct to your door!

With our sample packs we provide a variety of different meals to suit your dogs needs, we charge a £10 fee per pack which is then refunded in the form of a money off coupon.


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  • To say my dog is fussy when it comes to food is an understatement. I had tried every type of kibble and food I could think of whilst trying to stick to the more natural organic brands but she wasn’t having any of it. A friend of mine suggested I try raw. At first I was sceptical but the moment I opened the tub she almost had it out of my hands. She had finished the bowl before I had put the lid back on. I tried her with chicken, beef and tripe – she loved them all! Now she is at her bowl waiting for her food and she is definitely much healthier. She has more of a playfulness about her and her coat is really shiny. I am so pleased I found ProDog Raw!
    Weston super Mare
  • Ice fell ill in February 2017 with a bacterial infection within his prostate; through full body tests the vets also diagnosed him with arthritis in his left elbow. Due to the infection and surgery Ice went from a 39kg weight to 34kg. We changed his diet from a dry duck and potato kibble to a completely raw diet and within 6 weeks Ice gained weight and looked in good condition and is now backing to a healthy 39kg. His brother Bailey who is a small worker sized, Golden retriever was a little tubby at 36kg. We changed his diet onto completely raw, the same as Ice, and Bailey went from 36kg to 31kg in 4 weeks and also looks amazing. We will never look back and cannot recommend the raw diet enough, the best thing a dog can have – and they love it!
    Katrina & Paul
    From United Kingdom
  • Highly recommend, we have an English bulldog whose weight was up and down until we found ProDog Raw. Bulldogs have very sensitive dietary requirements and the products in the shops didn’t have what she needed. After 2 months on ProDog Raw she had her annual check up to which the vet said “this is the healthiest bulldog I have ever seen" "immaculate teeth, coat and weight". Thank you ProDog Raw.
    Hayley Gregson
    From Southampton
  • I totally believe in the concept of raw feeding. It just makes so much sense. As close to nature as a dog can get! Try it and see for yourself the difference.  Your own eyes cannot lie! I was using a different raw brand but switched to ProDog Raw after doing my research. Cost and quality cannot be beaten.
    Mat Maskelyne
    From Bristol
  • Within literally ten days I could see the difference in Souki, she bulked up but with muscle not fat, her coat became a lot thicker and began to shine, she had more energy and was clearly just a happier dog...I can't praise this diet enough.
    Colin Taylor
    From Somerset
  • My dogs have always been fed raw complete but I found some brands a bit sloppy and others that I liked but ended up adding extra healthy ingredient that it lacked myself. ProDog Raw mix good natural ingredients to their food so it's truly in my option complete. After a few weeks I noticed my dogs coat texture improving, more muscle definition and slightly more balanced in the moods, which is important to me because I have 2 Jack Russells who are not a breed know for their calmness.
    Toni Siani
    From United Kingdom
  • Just want to say a huge thank you for introducing Mya and Ace to the great benefits of ProDog Raw dog food. I was at the point of desperation and totally fed up with the poor quality of processed dog foods. The dogs were doing big, runny poos and they lacked energy and vitally. However since speaking to Heidi who went through everything, explaining about the ingredients and about the production I placed my first order. There is a great variety to chose from. Today, since being on ProDog Raw food, my dogs are full of energy, they are bright and full of life. Mya who was a little overweight is in excellent shape. Both dogs absolutely love this food, plus there are treats which are to die for. I would never go back to buying that processed rubbish!!! I love my dogs too much. Only regret is I wish I'd heard about this sooner. I have recommended ProDog Raw food to my family and friends and they have thanked me for it.
    Estella Holmes
    From United Kingdom