Reusable - Recyclable Packaging

We believe in the Importance of Eco Friendly Packaging

ProDog RAW are excited to announce we are close to launching our brand new recyclable packaging in October 2018.

We are a company that prides itself on ethically sourced raw food for working dogs, but we are also very passionate about the conservation of our planet.

Did you know, most food packaging is plastic or contains plastic, and only 17% of this plastic gets recycled. Some ends up in landfills where it stays for generations and the rest pollutes our environment and our seas.

At ProDog we are taking action to reduce this. Our new packaging will include high quality new shatter proof/leak proof fully recyclable tubs (which are not classified as 'single use' nor do they contain BPAs), pre labelled (to reduce waste) and in our distinctive bright company colours. We are also moving to wool thermo lining in new printed stronger outer cardboard boxes that are easier to handle due to their shape.

ProDog Raw have taken this stance in order to be more environmentally responsible and reduce packaging and waste where possible. Now every part of your ProDog delivery packaging will be recyclable/reusable and we are proud to report we will reduce our plastic and packaging by 30% overall.

We hope you will embrace our mission to not only keep creating the very best natural raw dog food on the market, but also to deliver it to you in a way that means we all do our bit for the war on excess waste!

ProDog Raw is going GREEN