Yaks Milk Bar (Large)


Yaks Milk Bar (Large)


A long lasting, 100% natural, tasty dog chew. Yakers bars are a unique Himalayan recipe originally made for humans to eat. Available in approx 7 inch size so perfect for any dogs from Dachshund to Danes! Designed to provide enrichment amusement; gnawing is known to stimulate cognition and care for teeth and gums.

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Description & Ingredients

100% natural, healthy, doglicious and gently smoke dried to maintain excellent nutritional value. Absolutely zero chemicals, additives and preservatives whatsoever.

Yaks Milk bars are made predominantly from Yaks milk; with a little lime juice and salt thrown in to stimulate coagulation (hardening). The mixture is then compressed and smoke dried for 28 day. Less than 1% lactose, the cream and whey are removed to create a chew that is kind to the canine digestive system. This tasty treat will satisfy even the fussiest dogs and depending on how determined your dog is and the size of his/her gnashers this treat can be super long lasting.

Quality Nutrition

  • Beneficial to dental hygiene
  • Alternative rich protein source
  • Created using healthful, traditional Himalayan methods
  • A long lasting treat option
  • Easily digested, less than 1% lactose

Feeding Guide

  • Suitable for all dogs 24 weeks +
  • All dogs should be supervised when given treats and chews to eat
  • Treats should be calculated as part of the dog’s daily food allowance
  • Always ensure there is fresh water available

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Yaks Milk Bar (Large)