Probiotic Paste – Gut Health


Probiotic Paste – Gut Health


Animotics Probiotic Paste is a specialist bespoke formulation delivering multiple strains of highly beneficial bacteria to help restore balance and harmony to the gut. This potent product is specifically designed to aid optimal gut health and maintain effective digestion, with proven results. 


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What is ProDog Probiotic Paste Gut Health?

Animotics Probiotic Paste is a go-to formula providing multiple strains of bacteria to support the microbiome for dogs and cats. A high strength product, providing 22 billion colony forming units (Colony Forming Units).

Animotics is the UK’s first true dog PRO-biotic NOT containing PRE-biotics, to truly target a model microbiome for dogs and cats. Containing multiple strains of beneficial bacteria and antioxidants; designed by one of Europe and the UK’s leading natural dog food formulators, Nutritionist Bianca Major.

Animotics Probiotic Paste comes in 35cc feeding syringe/ up to 35 doses.


Free From Added Sugars or E Numbers


Probiotic Paste Gut Health Helps Your Dog

This powerful mix of gut enhancing, organic, natural ingredients delivers 5 key benefits:



Dog science tells us gut health is at the centre of overall wellbeing. An unhealthy gut leads to poor nutrient absorption and imbalanced immune response, in turn leading to systemic inflammation in the body and a whole host of health conditions. One of the first steps in restoring a healthy gut environment is to renoculate with beneficial bacteria in order to rebalance the microbiome (gut flora). This high-strength organic probiotic does exactly that. 


Immune System

The microbiome shapes your dog’s immune system. When the immune system is under-reactive, your dog is at higher risk for catching infectious diseases. However, when the immune system is over reactive, your dog’s body could trigger inflammation at inappropriate times; resulting in systemic inflammation and a host of chronic conditions. This powerful probiotic paste supports the microbiome and in turn helps to balance immune response.


Nutrient Absorption

Without a healthy gut environment your dog will struggle to absorb the macronutrients and micronutrients from food effectively, so even if you’re feeding a nutritious diet they may not experience the full benefits. By infusing the gut with the beneficial bacteria in this probiotic paste you will rectify microbiome dysbiosis and in turn improve nutrient absorption.



Energy and vitality depends on the body metabolising its fuel source. In order to ensure food is converted to energy the digestive system and microbiome need to operate effectively. The influx of beneficial bacteria Animotics Probiotic Paste delivers will support improved functionality of this process. 




It’s widely known that the condition of the gut impacts mood and cognitive function.There is a direct link between the gut and brain (gut/brain axis)  and with more than 50% of calming, good mood natural chemicals (such as serotonin) created in your dog’s gut, it’s no surprise that an improved internal environment results in improved mood and behaviour. 

Who is Probiotic Paste Gut Health for?

Animotics Probiotic Paste is beneficial for ALL dogs, regardless of breed or size. Not designed to be used continuously. Designed to be a short-term addition as part of a gut reform protocol for dogs who are: switching diet, eating an elimination diet, experiencing gastric upset, presenting with food intolerances, allergies, fatigue issues or recovering from veterinary intervention, especially in cases where antibiotics have been administered.


Natural Ingredients

Each serving includes the following ingredients:

Yang Nutritional Yeasts

An innovative product formulated to help support animals’ natural defenses by encouraging synergy of the components that impact immune function in animals


Melon Pulp

A natural antioxidant, helps to neutralise the free radicals in the body that cause damage to cells and tissues


Analytical constituents:

Analytical constituents:



Inorganic matter







< 0.3%

Feeding Guide

A probiotic paste expertly formulated to deliver results, with simplicity, ease and zero faff.

Animotics Probiotic Paste can be used in combination with ProDog Muscle+, ProDog Maximus, ProDog Protect, ProDog Shine, Prodog Boost, ProDog Revive and ProDog Flexx.

  • Paste comes in a 35 cl feeding syringe (up to 35 doses)
  • Table below details dosage guidance
  • Plunge the syringe to discharge the correct dosage into your dog’s mouth or onto food, once per day
  • For acute digestive upset, one double dose should be given twice a day, followed by a standard dose twice a day until stools normalise.

*Animotics is a natural product, overdose is not dangerous but may cause bowel irregularities

Body Weight (kg) – Doseage

  • 0-5 = 1
  • 5-10 = 2
  • 10-25 = 3
  • 25-50 = 4
  • 50+ = 5

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Probiotic Paste – Gut Health