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We know for every product we design there are always two customers; you and your dog. So we strive to create products that encompass all of the elements that both of you need. Our aim is to put a smile on your face and cause consistent, joyous, tail wagging each and every mealtime (from your dog that is – although feel free to join in). Enjoy some of our raw dog food tales below.

ProDog Stories

Want to know more? Take a look at ProDog stories. In-depth articles from our community of raw food-fuelled dogs and their hoomans. Find out their challenges, their journeys and, best of all, the positive changes to their health and well-being.

14 Feb '21


Zora’s Story – How A Romanian Rescue Transitioned To Raw & Started To Thrive

Watch Zora's story - How the Romanian street dog who was fed just bread was rescued and helped to transition to Raw. Anneka Svenska takes us through her journey with Zora to help her transition to raw food after being rescued from the streets of Romania, where she was fed stale bread and low quality kibble.
12 Feb '21


Litters Are Much Healthier Since Changing to Raw – Testimonial from Maisie Goldsworthy

Litters Are Much Healthier Since Changing to Raw… As a breeder of Jack Russell Terriers for ov
12 Feb '21


Raw Feeding Helps Stiff Dalmatian Loosen Up

I have been raw feeding for 14 years on and off now, deciding 8 years ago to stick to it for good. W
12 Feb '21


All Round Improvement For Barney & Storm

I am a McTimoney Human and animal Chiropractor with 2 dogs, having owned dogs all my life. The impor
12 Feb '21


Doggy Day Care Sees Huge Changes In Raw Fed Dogs

Our Family run business (Woof & Tales, in South Wales) is a home from home boarding home (no ken

Raw feeding changed Kyoshi’s Life – Testimonial From Anneka Svenska

Raw feeding changed Kyoshi’s Life My name’s Anneka Svenska, I work on TV with wolves and
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