What is Offal?

Offal, also called variety meats, pluck or organ meats, refers to the internal organs and entrails of a butchered animal, excluding muscle and bone.

Why is Bone important?

Bones are a fantastic source of nutrition. They contain glucosamine, calcium and phosphorus, and many are rich in omega 3 fats, too.  Benefits can include improved skin health, improved joint health and firmer stools.

What ratios do PRODOG recommend?

At ProDog we have opt in and opt out offal options available across the range.  Research has shown that some dogs can be fussy with raw offal or simply their gut can’t tolerate it in certain pre-determined ratios. In addition to this, some breeds, such as Dalmations for example, can be prone to conditions where elements of offal should be avoided.
Our experience is that every dogs gut can behave in a different way. This can be due to breed traits, medical history, genetics, preferred meal choice etc. Such factors can all have an influence on an individual dog’s digestion capabilities, their microbiome and gut health.  Because there are varying opinions on what split ratios are best, we designed ProDog Raw to be adaptable to all.
When feeding ProDog Raw you have the option if necessary to easily tailor the menu to master YOUR dog’s perfect diet and the ratios that work for them best.

Offal is important and carries excellent nutritional benefits.  Where possible we recommend ensuring it features in your dog’s diet across a period of weekly feeding.

For example, our beef with offal option is at approx. 10-12%. Therefore, if you feed this meal option 3 days a week, you are getting an overall 5% offal ratio in the diet (the ‘whole prey’ theory recommended amount).

Please rest assured you don’t need to feed offal in a precise percentage daily. That’s not how a dog would consume it naturally in the wild. It's all about the approximate ratio being there in balance.

We like to give YOU as the owner, and the person who knows their dog best, the power to bespoke the most successful diet for the dog, not fit the dog to the diet so to speak. Offering a measure of flexibility here means you can still feed a balanced, highly nutritious and premium quality raw diet easily and conveniently which is the ultimate goal. Inclusion not exclusion is key to us.

For those dogs who won’t eat offal raw, we also offer dehydrated offal treats as we find many dogs take this better View Liver Treats. Many of our customers use these as a treat/training aid and then have control over how much offal their dogs consume.  Alternatively, ProDog offers a range of organic and all natural supplements to provide additional nutritional support where needed View Supplements.

Please note we recommend not feeding in excess of 10% offal as an overall quantity of the total diet.
The above concept applies to our bone ratio too.
We average 10% across all meals but we offer a boneless option too, Beef with Green Tripe.  This meal can be included if your dog needs a lesser bone content in their diet, for example during pregnancy or just because this is what suits your dog’s gastrointestinal tract .

As an example, feeding Beef and Green Tripe for 3 days a week will reduce the overall bone ratio your dog is eating to approx. 5-6% per day.
We are all determined to stay away from a commercial, processed, unnatural diet and feed our dogs as nature intended.  At ProDog Raw we encourage a ‘progression if not perfection’ attitude to raw feeding.
We are fully focussed on helping you achieve this, so our team of experts are on hand to assist if you have any questions or want advice when it comes to any aspect of raw feeding.  Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01482 273888 or send an email to info@prodograw.com

Did you know all of our meat is sourced from a company that is Red Tractor approved?
Red Tractor takes animal welfare very seriously, they require their farmers to meet a number of standards that are over and above regular legislation.
And why do we use it?
✔ The Red Tractor logo is a mark of quality food you can trust
✔ They know where every single piece of meat comes from
✔ The Red Tractor farmers care about their animals
✔ Red Tractor farmers care about the countryside
✔ The union jack flag in the logo confirms your meat has been born, grown, prepared and packed in the UK