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What Vitamins and Supplements Do Experts Recommend?

Vet recommended dog vitamins and supplements have been thoroughly evaluated and are likely the best choice for your dog’s wellbeing. This article discusses which vitamins and supplements experts recommend, to help you narrow down your options.

Author: ProDog Raw

What Vitamins and Supplements Do Experts Recommend?

When purchasing vitamins and supplements for your dog, it’s important to ask the right questions regarding safety, efficacy, and ingredient quality.

Finding out if your product of choice is recommended by experts, such as veterinarians and canine nutritionists, is an excellent way to help you make your decision.

As discussed in our raw dog food for beginner’s guide, dogs require a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to keep their health balanced [1].

  • Vitamin B is critical for healthy red blood cells, metabolism, brain health, and skin condition
  • Vitamin C is essential for healthy immune function, antioxidant support, and healthy ageing
  • Vitamins A, D, E, and K are also of great importance for various areas of canine health.
  • Minerals such as zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus are crucial to the overall health of dogs
  • Fatty acids such as Omega-3s and Omega-6s (providing these are balanced properly).

Thankfully, a species-appropriate, raw food diet offers the majority of essential vitamins and minerals that dogs need.

That is provided it’s balanced and offers plenty of variety for maximum nutrient absorption; such as our complete raw dog food.

Vets that approve raw feeding will often stress this point with their patients, offering ideas for raw food combinations to best suit the unique nutritional needs of each dog.

However, they may also suggest vitamin and mineral supplements like ProDog’s Boost to help dogs achieve a more complete nutritional profile.

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A vet’s recommendation of dog supplements will often pertain to any health issues of concern, or the nutritional needs of individual patients.

However, certain dog supplements come with a vet’s seal of approval; provided they’re used for the right reasons and in the right serving size.

ProDog offers vet-recommended nutritional supplements for dogs in each of these key areas:

Joint health


Joint and mobility issues are often a result of inflammation, which can stem from imbalance in the gut or trauma to the joint caused by injury [2].

Our joint and mobility supplements work to fuel the good gut bacteria, supporting balance and optimal digestion.

Whilst the anti-inflammatory and lubricating nutrients, help to maintain the strength and mobility of joints; promoting freedom of movement the natural way.

Allergy relief

Allergies are common in dogs, triggered by irritants of all kinds.

This overactive histamine response stems from the gut, which is why the right combination of nutrients can be so helpful in allergy relief for dogs.

Our allergy supplements utilise natural, species-appropriate ingredients to both restore gut microbiome balance and soothe irritating allergy symptoms.


Nutritional supplements can also provide support for dogs recovering from illnesses, operations, injuries, or pregnancy.

By boosting key nutrients that promote immune strength, healthy digestion, and muscle repair, ProDog’s recovery supplements can shorten recovery time and support the healing process.


Just like athletes, working and competition dogs thrive with the correct dietary support.

Testing the limits of their bodies is a regular practice for these dogs, making the risk of injury and exhaustion more prevalent.

The right balance of endurance-supporting nutrients allows active dogs to do what they love more effectively, decreasing health risks and energy depletion.

Our performance supplements help active dogs to achieve balanced nutrition and overall health, allowing them to perform at their best.

Digestive health

Digestive health is the root of all health, and dogs with poor digestion often suffer from various other health conditions as well [3].

When the digestive system is not functioning effectively, critical nutrients can’t be absorbed by the body and delivered to the cells that need them.

ProDog’s digestive health supplements provide species-appropriate, gut balancing nutrients to maintain the gut lining and fuel beneficial gut bacteria.

Our supplements utilise the best natural ingredients to support digestive function and nutrient absorption, therefore contributing to overall well being.

Skin and coat health

Skin and coat issues are usually a symptom of imbalanced gut health and poor digestion [4].

The external condition of a dog is a direct reflection of the nutrients the body is able to absorb.

Also, dogs have many more mast cells throughout their bodies than humans do, making their skin and coat extra vulnerable due to the increased histamine response.

Our skin and coat supplements work at the root to correct this imbalance from the inside, promoting a healthy gut environment that results in healthy skin and shiny coats.

Healthy ageing

Senior dogs are more vulnerable to various health issues [5], and are also more at risk of poor gut health.

These issues can be supported through the use of nutritional supplements, by promoting balanced digestion and overall health in older dogs.

ProDog’s senior dog supplements are designed to support ageing dogs throughout their golden years, allowing them to remain comfortable and enjoy life more.

Healthy muscles

Healthy muscles are essential for dogs to remain active and enjoy their normal activities.

Dogs that are underweight, malnourished, picky eaters, or recovering from injuries can experience muscle wastage, causing them to lack their usual lust for life.

Our muscle supplements utilise powerful nutrients to aid dogs in muscle repair, as well as allowing healthy dogs to maintain their desired physiques.

Dog nutritionist recommendations

Dog nutritionists are professionally educated to help dog owners understand the best feeding practices for their pets.

Their studies are focused on canine physiology and how food and nutrition impact the functions, systems and organs of the body.

Nature in the main, offers all the vitamins and minerals dogs need to truly thrive.

Canine nutritionists understand how best to provide your dog with the nutrients they need, whilst also tailoring recommended ratios and combinations of ingredients to a dog’s individual needs.

Our inhouse nutrition team is available to offer expert advice about our raw dog food and nutritional supplements for dogs.

All ProDog products are formulated, tested and approved by expert canine nutritionists and vets before production, giving you peace of mind that anything you order from us is of the highest quality and efficacy

Expert recommended, dog approved

It’s natural (and smart) to look for dog vitamins and supplements that have an expert’s seal of approval.

Not only does this mean that they’re safe for your dog to use, but they’ll also get the maximum nutritional benefit from products that come highly recommended by canine experts.

Our supplements for dogs come with the highest recommendation, from both vets and canine nutritionists.

This is because our ingredients are always species-appropriate, safe, natural, and of premium quality.

Best of all, they are super-easy to feed and help dogs feel great!

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