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Advice for Adding Supplements to Homemade Dog Food

Creating your own homemade raw dog food is one way to provide your dog with a natural, species-appropriate diet; though there’s also the potential for missing nutrients when choosing this way of feeding.

To remedy this, adding supplements to their homemade meals can ensure your dog gets the right amount of essential nutrients.

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Advice for Adding Supplements to Homemade Dog Food

Do I need to add supplements to homemade dog food?

Whilst a raw, meat based diet is the healthiest way to feed your dog (read our beginner’s guide for more info), it’s also possible to create nutritional imbalances within their raw food [1]. This is due to a couple of factors.

  1. Dogs need specific ratios of muscle meats, healthy raw fats, bone, offal, and plant fibre in their diets in order to attain balanced nutrition. Find out about the ingredients in raw dog food.
  2. All dogs are different, and some require less bone, offal, or fibre than others might. It takes time to figure out the correct ratios that each dog needs individually.It can be done with time and experience; though some DIY raw feeders choose to balance their dog’s meals through the use of nutritional supplements.

This way, you know the ratios and health properties of all the ingredients in your dog’s diet, whilst saving yourself time and effort.

Which supplements?

Our experts have written an article to help you determine which supplements your dog might need.
Learn more

What nutrients should I add?

There are vast differences between supplements, and certain ones will be better for your dog’s individual needs.

Depending on your individual dog, you might choose to add a variety of nutrients to support health concerns or simply promote balanced, overall health.

Vitamin boost

Our Boost vitamin supplement is an excellent choice for ensuring dogs get additional natural vitamins and minerals, and is a simple yet effective way to enrich their diet.

Joint support

Conversely, if your dog is less mobile than they used to be, you might try our Flexx joint supplement, which supports joint health through targeted anti-inflammatory nutrients and enriching their gut health.

Additional support

We also offer supplements for dogs with allergies and digestive health supplements, skin and coat health supplements, and for working/competition dogs that need a boost of nutrition to maintain their strength and endurance.

As you can see, it really all depends on your dog and what they need uniquely.

Our full dog supplements range provides individual descriptions of each option in detail, including which dogs they can help, and which other supplements they’re compatible with.

You’re also always welcome to contact our expert feeding advisors if you have more questions about supplements for your dog.

Our supplements can help

Browse our range to find a supplement right for your dog.
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How can I improve homemade dog food with supplements?

Depending on what you feed and your dog’s individual needs, the possibilities as to how you can improve their diet with supplements varies greatly [2].

All of our dog supplements are designed to enrich any dog’s diet (with a few minor exceptions for puppies and dogs with certain allergies).

This means that your dog can benefit from a variety of nutrient support based on what they might be missing in their diet, and/or the condition of their overall health.

For example, dogs that have appetite issues or need to gain weight and rebuild muscle find our Muscle + supplement can be a great addition to their diet.

Alternatively, if your dog’s diet predominantly includes protein and lacks the antioxidant/vitamin components of plant fibre, our Boost supplement is perfect for helping to bridge the nutritional gaps.

For active or working dogs, or those that are lacking energy due to illness or injury, our Revive supplement replenishes vitality and supports the healing process.

The list goes on, and again, it’s really all about what your dog needs the most.

A balanced homemade diet is possible

The fact that you’re making your own dog food means you want what’s best for your dog, which is a great start.

Utilising the nutritional power of supplements will only serve to make their diets even healthier; enhancing their health by supporting the work you’re already doing.

Our nutritional supplements for dogs are of premium quality and created with whole food, species-appropriate ingredients.

Have a look at our detailed descriptions and ingredient lists on our product pages, and feel free to get in touch if you have questions.

Introducing supplements

To learn more about how to introduce supplements to your dog's diet, check out our how-to guide.
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1. Pedrinelli, V., Gomes, M., Carciofi, A. Jul 2017. Analysis of home prepared diets for dogs and cats published in Portuguese. Journal of Nutritional Science,; 6(e33). Doi: 10.1017/jns.2017.31

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