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ProDog Raw Launches Legacy Supplement Range for Dogs

We are proud to announce the launch of our eagerly anticipated, revitalised range of vet approved dog supplements. All your favourites remain — now even better! We’ve utilised the most up-to-date nutritional research and leading expertise to reinvent our formulas with your priorities at the forefront.

Anna Bain

Author: Anna Bain

ProDog Raw Launches Legacy Supplement Range for Dogs

For almost a decade, ProDog has been privileged to serve our amazing four-legged customers with our extensive range of targeted dog supplements and raw dog food. We consistently prioritise quality and strive to enhance dogs’ wellbeing to deliver exceptional results. However, last summer, we sadly experienced the loss of Rid Alden, our cherished Director affectionately known as ‘Mr. Supplement’. In honour of his legacy, we committed to realising Rid’s vision for our existing targeted dog supplement range, pushing the boundaries of innovation to create even better formulas.

For the whole ProDog team, this has been a real passion project. We wanted to carry on the legacy of our much-loved friend and colleague, Rid, and provide the very best nutritional solutions for your canine companions.

'Supplements by ProDog', the story

The story begins when Heidi Maskelyne, ProDog Raw’s owner and chief executive officer, first met Rid many years ago when she was a teenager. Both passionate about fitness training and competition, Rid used his extensive expertise in supplements and nutrition to boost Heidi’s sporting achievements. The two became lifelong friends, and in 2016, their joint venture began.

As a dog lover, Heidi knew that Rid’s knowledge would revolutionise the world of dog supplements. Their testing revealed that many canine products on the market were extremely low-grade and missed vital components. So, together, alongside esteemed vets, they worked tirelessly to create a range of canine nutritional products that would vastly impact the health and wellbeing of all dogs regardless of size, age, or breed.

Devastatingly, Rid unexpectedly passed away on June 11, 2023, at only 64 years old.

‘Rid was one in a million. A true gentleman. An infectious chuckle and a heart of gold.’

Rid transformed lives with his knowledge and skills—a colleague and friend who will be remembered fondly by the team. His death was a shock to everyone who knew him. The ProDog team will miss him beyond words.

Inspired by Rid’s legacy and unwavering passion for dietary supplements, we were determined to honour his memory by fulfilling his aspirations for continuous innovation and keeping our products up to date with the latest nutritional advancements. He was driven to make a difference, supporting our customers’ eco-conscious efforts and ensuring that dogs live their healthiest lives.

Understanding Rid’s vision and goals, we rallied together, pouring our energy, passion, and expertise into reviewing, reformulating, repackaging and relaunching our already popular product range. Our supplements now boast upgraded, sustainable packaging and meticulously curated ingredients.

Intensive research and testing have ensured the formulation of exclusive products expertly formulated with carefully selected ingredients; backed by science and vet-approved. Each component is sourced through Rid’s trusted contacts, reflecting his commitment to quality and dedication to working with only the finest suppliers.

‘Supplements by ProDog ‘products are not only power-packed with the very best that nature has to offer, but they also come in eco-friendly zip-lock packaging, ensuring that they stay perfectly fresh and in optimum condition for longer. For dog owners seeking the absolute best for their canine companions, these aren’t to be missed. We are so confident with the range that we even offer a no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee.


When you opt for ‘Supplements by ProDog’, you’re not just choosing a product— you’re also choosing our legacy promise inspired by Rid Alden.


Now launched, we are proud to introduce 'Supplements by ProDog'

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Repel: Flea, tick and worm prevention
Protect: Allergy support for itchy dogs
Shine: Shiny coats and healthy skin
Digest: Digestive and gut health
Revive: For sustained vitality and faster energy recovery
Boost: All-round health support, packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics
Flexx: For freedom of movement and joint care
Muscle+: The essential dog weight gainer and muscle builder supplement
Perform: Dynamic dietary support for optimal strength, stamina and focus
Colostrum: A rich source of nutrients to boost all dogs’ gut health and immune systems; ideal for all life stages, from pups through to seniors


Discussing our new products and Rid’s supplement legacy, Heidi Maskelyne, CEO and Owner of ProDog, says:

‘Rid was a dear friend whose expertise I trusted wholeheartedly. He had a wealth of knowledge about dogs’ nutritional needs and how we can bottle vital ingredients in affordable, sustainable products. We are so lucky to have had him channel this experience into our business for so long; if you asked Rid a question, you’d be met with a lecture on the product’s analytical content – that was a typical ‘Rid-ism’!
Bringing Rid’s dreams to fruition is something I’m incredibly proud of our team for doing, it was a difficult and emotional journey, but worth every second of hard work. Rid’s memory will always live on through our team, products, and customers, particularly our supplements, which are now better than ever before.’

With ProDog, you can be confident that you are investing in ethically sourced and nutritionally dense dog supplements, purchasing unparalleled nutritional products from a business that prioritises dogs’ health above all else. Meanwhile, every supplement is designed to be simple and easy to use, can be added to any dog food, and has passed the fussy eater taste test throughout its development phase.

Alison Frost, our Head of Nutrition and Product Development, adds:

‘Rid was unapologetically committed to finding the highest quality ingredients, creating products that deliver on their promises. Supplements were his passion, and he had big goals that we would never have forgotten; this collection of refreshing, sustainable supplements is Rid’s legacy at ProDog Raw. I can’t wait for our customers to reap the rewards of great supplements without sacrificing their environmental values. We’re extremely proud of that, and Rid would be over the moon to see it.’

Does your dog need supplements?

Regardless of what diet they are fed, any dog can benefit from a quality supplement rich in bioavailable nutrients to ensure they’re getting everything they need in their daily diet. Ultimately, supplements help dogs thrive and reach their full potential. Even if your dog is on a raw dog food diet that provides optimal sustenance, supplementation can supercharge their meals further.

Dogs experiencing health issues will benefit from additional nutritional reinforcement to assist the body’s natural systems and functions. Whatever your dog’s unique needs our supplement range has got you covered. Whether your dog is experiencing allergy symptoms, gut health issues, joint problems, is a senior dog that needs a vitality boost, a working dog who has high physical demands, or a sensitive soul struggling with reactivity, the proper nutrition provides the foundation their body and mind needs.

Read our customer stories to learn more about real-life experiences.

For personalised advice tailored to your dog’s specific needs or questions regarding which supplement would best suit your canine companion, don’t hesitate to contact our team of expert canine nutritionists who offer FREE tailored advice and support.

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