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Latest Dog Supplement News

There’s lots of dog supplement news catching headlines, both locally and globally. Here’s a summary of some exciting new developments to be aware of, both worldwide and within the ProDog community (don’t miss our supplement reviews too).

Author: ProDog Raw

Latest Dog Supplement News

Latest dog supplement news

Dog owners are starting to see the benefits of nutritional supplements in their pets more and more everyday.

Pre, probiotics, and postbiotics are a fantastic way to balance and support the gut microbiome; leading to healthier, happier pets that have fulfilling lives.

Postbiotics are found to be more stable throughout the various manufacturing processes that are used to create them, and therefore are gaining popularity for their consistent effectiveness [1].

Increasing the bioavailability of ingredients (how easily the body can absorb the nutrients) is key to creating a more effective nutritional supplement.

Trace minerals are essential elements for canine health, though they can be tricky as they’re often reactive with other ingredients.

Chelation is the process by which a mineral is bound to another substance, making it more readily absorbed by the body and occurs naturally in plants.

Mimicking this process is a useful tool in supplement formulation; allowing trace minerals to remain viable and deliver optimum benefits to dogs [2].

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Latest ProDog supplement news

At ProDog Raw, we keep on top of the latest nutritional research and are continually planning new formulations and ways to improve our existing products.

Colostrum news

Our latest colostrum supplement has been very well received, with many benefits reported by those customers that have added it to their dog’s dietary regime.

Thanks to its abundance of growth factors and other immune-boosting elements, bovine colostrum is helpful to maintaining optimal health [3].

Colostrum is particularly supportive to dogs with gut health issues, allergies and other conditions that stem from poor immune function.

Meanwhile research supports the health benefits of adding colostrum supplements to the human diet, and the same can be said for our dogs.

ProDog’s range of nutritional supplements provide enrichment to any dog’s diet.

Our all-natural supplements meet the health and dietary needs of all types of dogs; whether they’re in need of support for specific ailments or you simply want to ensure they’re getting the most out of their diet.

Our supplements are always created with premium quality, species-appropriate ingredients that are derived from whole food sources.

We never use fillers or bulking agents, so you can rest assured that your dog is getting the very best nutritional support for their unique needs.

Read our article should I give my dog supplements? to find out if your dog could benefit from diet supplementation.

New product development

Alison Frost, Head of Product Development at ProDog Raw has lots of exciting new plans

“We’re developing a natural parasite repellent, which is currently in its trial stages. This will be a safe, all-natural alternative to chemical parasite treatments, which we’re really excited about! “

Alison Frost, Head of Product Development

Alison goes on to say:

We’re also seeing lots of exciting developments into the connection between the gut, the immune system, and brain.

New findings are continually being published which highlight the crucial role the microbiome plays in all aspects of health, including longevity.

As we all want our dogs to live longer and healthier lives, this is an area we are always looking into for new ideas to develop more nutritional solutions for our canine customers

Watch this space for the latest news.

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Dog supplement news from around the world

Zesty Paws releases exciting new products at Global Pet Expo (US)

As an award-winning functional pet supplement brand, Zesty Paws is known for creating products that are both healthy and delicious for pets.

Their whole food ingredients provide dogs and cats with natural solutions that promote allergy relief, dental health, healthy joints, digestive health, behavioural health, and more.

Their press release early this year showcased a lineup of eight new products, which include a puppy multifunctional supplement, a puppy milk substitute, and an all-natural allergy chewable for dogs.

These were revealed at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, in March 2023 [4].

Italfeed adds new superfood blend to supplement lineup (Italy)

Italian dog supplement company Italfeed, who dedicate their work to the improvement of food quality for animals, are responsible for creating innovative, natural supplements for dogs.

They’ve recently added an exciting new product to their lineup: BLOOMY SuperF.

This blend utilises the power of superfoods such as spinach, pumpkins, cranberries, pomegranate, and green tea.

High in naturally occurring vitamin C and antioxidants, SuperF is designed to promote immunity, energy, longevity and overall wellbeing in dogs.

It will do this through the utilisation of premium quality ingredients (which they ensure with all their supplements) [5].

Stratford Care USA, Inc recalls Omega-3 supplements for dogs and cats (US)

A multi-brand supplement recall was announced in March, 2023 by Stratford Care USA, Inc. The recall states that the Omega-3 supplements involved, which span 62 brands, were potentially contaminated with elevated levels of vitamin A.

Though vitamin A is an essential nutrient for dogs and cats, too high of a dose can cause toxicity, leading to potential adverse health effects.

Symptoms such as malaise, anorexia, peeling skin, tremors, and paralysis are among the possible reactions of ingesting too much vitamin A [6].

Dog supplement market sees tremendous growth (worldwide)

According to a Maximize Market Research study, the popularity of dog supplements is growing around the world, and at an accelerated rate.

The expected growth over the next five years is over 7% annually, predicting a massive uptick in healthier dogs worldwide.

Dog owners across the globe are beginning to seek out more natural ways to improve their dogs’ health, and they’re looking to supplements to help their canine friends.

This is fantastic news for dogs that once only had the option of chemically created pharmaceuticals to help them. Finally, natural methods are beginning to prevail! [7]

Real Mushrooms launches pet supplement line (Canada)

Real Mushrooms of Canada has recently launched a new line of supplements, and these are just for pets!

Now dogs can benefit from the health properties of canine-safe mushrooms, in vet-approved blends created for their unique health needs.

With mushroom-inspired supplements for digestive health, relaxation, brain health, and more, Real Mushrooms has thoughtfully created something for every dog, The reviews are positive across the board! [8]

Dog supplements are gaining the world's attention

It’s amazing to see the world responding to natural, species-appropriate health solutions for dogs.

The raw feeding movement and increasing nutritional supplement popularity are excellent signs that our dogs are being cared for in the most holistic ways possible.

This is great news for us here at ProDog, and we’re happy to be part of such exciting changes.

Dogs deserve the very best, which is why our raw dog food and natural dog supplements are created with the best we can possibly give them: natural, high-quality, species-appropriate ingredients that benefit the health of all dogs!

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