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Love Month

Author: ProDog Raw

Love Month

It’s February which means Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. While some of you may be getting cosy with your significant others and enjoying date night, there will be many of us snuggled up with our canine companions. Well, at ProDog, we thought we’d go one further and instead of just one special day, we would dedicate the ENTIRE month to Loving Dogs, especially as ‘Love Your Dog Day’ is also this month.

While we appreciate that we adore our doggos year-round, we do love any excuse to have some fun, share our favourite pictures and videos and just generally celebrate dogs. So, Feb is Love Month here at ProDog and as usual we will be pulling out all the stops. What do we have coming up for you?

Dog Training Tips

As February is Dog Training Education Month, we will be sharing useful tips and ideas to help you with that new puppy training or teaching “an old dog new tricks”. At ProDog Raw, we are very lucky to work with experienced and knowledgeable dog trainers from different fields that can share their wisdom and pass on their advice for those of you that may be struggling with a specific issue. Why not submit your training questions to us and we will pass them on to the team to answer?

Canine Dental Health

We often hear questions such as “how can I stop my dog’s breath smelling so bad?” or “what can I use to keep my dog’s teeth clean?” We have previously written about canine oral hygiene which can be found here but as February is also Pet Dental Month we will be sharing useful hints and tips on canine dental hygiene to help you keep your pooches breath smelling fresh and their teeth pearly white.

Keeping Your Pet Safe and Well

Combining the fact that it is Responsible Pet Owners Month with Pet Theft Awareness Day on Feb 14th, we will be sharing information on preventing pet theft and what you can do to safeguard your dog against all sorts of incidents. Maybe you have a specific question for the team that we can help you with? We will be looking at tips to avoid your beloved animal becoming the victim of dog theft and how you can keep them safe with the latest tracking devices for example.

Walking the Dog Day

While there was a whole month dedicated to dog walking in January, 22nd February is actually Walking the Dog Day. We will be asking for pictures and videos of you out with your dogs and encouraging you to share your own favourite dog walking spots. We may even throw in a couple of our own North and South favourites for you to try out. We don’t even mind if you get ahead of the game and get your photos and videos in now for us to share on the day.

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

This event celebrates dog biscuits but as we only advocate raw foods, our biscuit will have a twist. We don’t want to give too much away but the team are already working on ways to help you celebrate International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day on 23rd February. Needless to say, it will be wholesome, nutritious and perfectly suitable for those dogs on a natural raw diet. In addition to this, we will be sharing some alternatives to dog biscuits from our range of raw treats.

Love Your Pet Day

And let’s not forget “Love Your Pet Day” on 20th February when we will be sharing the love for our dogs and giving you the chance to do the same. Have some fun with us as we celebrate all things dog and the things they do that we love so much.

Welcome to ProDog’s Love Month where we hope you will LOVE what we have coming up and enjoy getting involved. Don’t forget to use #lovemonth in your posts and comments and we look forward to seeing all your ‘LOVEly doggo images and videos.


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