Let’s Meet the England Players’ Dogs


by ProDog Raw

With the buzz surrounding the current England team and their sterling (pardon the pun) performance of late, you’d be forgiven for the constant chants and quotes of of “It’s Coming Home”. We don’t mind a game of football here at ProDog and are quite excited to see how far the team go. But, you know us… we love our dogs more and behind some of these players, are their loyal and adoring dogs who quite frankly don’t care if they win or lose. We meet the England players’ dogs – past and present!

Kalvin Phillips – Poodle Cross

The elegant, proud and clever traits of the Poodle make it an intelligent member of the team. Originally a water dog, they are used to working hard. Even if they don’t give that impression sometimes.


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Dean Henderson – Rottweiler

A robust working breed, the Rottweiler is often used as a protection/guard dog. It actually descends from the mastiff of the Roman Legions. With skills in tracking, obedience and herding, we think they’d make a great defender in an all doggy 11.


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Jesse Lingard – Doberman

An athletic breed, the Doberman is a protection dog favoured by celebrities for keeping them safe. Add this handsome dog to the back four and you have a strong defence.


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Harry Kane – Labrador Retrievers

The team captain is the proud owner of a couple of labs as pictured here in this charming photo of his daughter. Of course you want a couple of labs on the team to chase down that ball and bring it home!


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