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  • Why do dogs need bone?

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    At ProDog Raw, we add ground bone to our recipes (except those marked boneless) as it is a crucial component to a balanced diet for a carnivore.

    Bone is packed with nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, glucosamine and chondroitin which are vital for growth and development in puppies and ongoing joint support in adults. Bone is also full of glucosamine and Vitamin D, both of which are fantastic to support a healthy digestive tract and aid combat issues such as poor GI function and leaky gut.  Further, bone content is imperative in the stomach to ensure that enough gastric acid is produced which enables the dog to be able to cope with bacteria – so the first line of defence for their immune system and protection against infection and disease.

    Bone also means an incredibly healthy mouth and incredibly strong teeth because dogs have the benefit of all the nutritional fortitude it provides. Aside from that, if a whole raw bone is given periodically (link to our bones blog) the chewing and gnawing action aids naturally cleaner teeth. This, coupled with a healthier digestive system (as the mouth is an extension of the gut), lessens bad bacteria in their mouth and results in more beneficial bacteria that will help break down plaque.

    The only time bone content should be reduced is later on into a pregnancy term to prevent constipation in bitches. Please contact us if you need further specialist information regarding this.



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