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    4 responses to “Raw Feeding Guide”

    1. Susan Summers says:

      Hi , I have a very fussy German shepherd of 21 months , we have tried Butternut , various other foods , tails , he refuses to eat kibble , they will not provide just the wet food !! How much would it cost to feed my dog this , does it need to be frozen ,? How often is delivery?

      • Anna Bain says:

        Hi Susan

        In order to calculate costs for you we would need to know the weight of your dog. If you could email our customer services team info@prodograw.com they will be happy to help. All our food arrives frozen and is required to be stored frozen. Delivery is flexible, you can choose a schedule that works for you, from weekly to eight weekly and everything in between.

        Kind regards
        The ProDog Team

    2. annmappin says:

      My westie will be 5 in Sept: He suffers with itchy skin and gets red patches were he has been scratching and biting. It seems to be worse in the spring and summer. I have spent pounds on vet bills and creams ,sprays, shampoos and antihistamine tablets. etc.
      I would like to try prodog raw. can you recomend a sample pack for him. He weighs 10k

      • ProDog says:

        Hi there

        We would recommend that you order the sample pack but tick the chicken and beef as allergies. Leave these out for now and see how he gets on.

        Team ProDog

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