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  • Raw Feeding Guide


    2 responses to “Raw Feeding Guide”

    1. Susan Summers says:

      Hi , I have a very fussy German shepherd of 21 months , we have tried Butternut , various other foods , tails , he refuses to eat kibble , they will not provide just the wet food !! How much would it cost to feed my dog this , does it need to be frozen ,? How often is delivery?

      • Anna Bain says:

        Hi Susan

        In order to calculate costs for you we would need to know the weight of your dog. If you could email our customer services team info@prodograw.com they will be happy to help. All our food arrives frozen and is required to be stored frozen. Delivery is flexible, you can choose a schedule that works for you, from weekly to eight weekly and everything in between.

        Kind regards
        The ProDog Team

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