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  • My dog is overweight (fat), how can I help him?

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    Obesity in dogs is becoming a problem in the UK. Your dog will maintain a healthy weight if he has plenty of exercise and good nutritional food. Do not overfeed him. Avoid giving him carbohydrates such as rice, maize and potato as these are easily metabolised and stored as fat. ProDog Raw does not contain these.

    The carbohydrates we add are vegetables and this naturally added fibre is easily digested and not stored. Feeding low-fat versions of our recipes that contain chicken, turkey and tripe will also help with weight control.

    You should be able to see two of your dog’s ribs when they are sniffing. Observe them on their walk or in the garden. Can you see two ribs when they have their nose to the ground? If you can’t then they could probably do with dropping a little weight. 

    To work out how much to feed your dog to help them lose weight, check out our dog food calculator and select the option to ‘lose weight’. This will then give you a feeding schedule to follow. Check your dog’s weight weekly until they have reached the desired weight. then, switch to ‘maintain’ on the calculator to see how much they should be eating daily going forward. Remember, all treats should be included in their daily allowance. 

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