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  • My dog has food sensitivities what should I do?

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    One of the best things you can do to help support the reduction of symptoms caused by food sensitivities is to feed a raw species-specific diet. ProDog recommends our specially selected food bundle combined with our nutritional supplement Pr0tect – designed to improve gut health and support the body’s natural mechanisms to ease symptoms of allergy and food intolerance.

    Other actions for you to explore:

    • Introduce a probiotic supplement such as Animonics Probiotic Paste
    • Feed prebiotic foods
    • Include bone broth in the diet, check out Prodog Chicken Bone Broth
    • Determine which foods may be causing symptoms by either requesting an allergy test from your vet or through an elimination diet. This involves cutting out common foods that cause intolerance such as beef, chicken and processed dog foods then observing closely for changes to health.

    *Please remember to always seek advice from your holistic veterinarian before removing major food groups from your dog’s diet.

    If your dog is taking steroids or another immunosuppressant, their gut immunity is compromised and is more sensitive to changes in diet. Extra care must be taken in such cases when making the transition to raw.

    To read more on this topic check out our blog articles.

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