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  • I’ve been told raw feeding can cause aggression in dogs, is this true?

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    The short answer is no. Aggression in dogs can stem from a number of factors and is often complex. The below is a list of some causes of canine aggression (please note this list isn’t exhaustive):

    • Territorial instincts (a desire to protect what they believe is “their” space)
    • Protectiveness
    • Fear
    • Frustration
    • Sexual rivalry 
    • High prey drives. 

    Dogs often become aggressive around food, which is a behaviour of resource guarding rather than being caused by the type of food, this occurs in relation to ANY type of food. Resource guardian also becomes evident in relation to high-value items such as toys, and is observed when a dog believes that these items are at risk of being taken.

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    Raw Food and Dog Aggression

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