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  • Is it true that raw food is good for my dog’s teeth?

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    Yes!  While following a raw diet is not a substitute for taking your dog to a vet for regular brushing sessions, its low sugar and carbohydrate content does much to keep tooth decay and disease at bay. Offering your dog a raw diet has the potential to reduce the number of bacteria which are present in the mouth, keep plaque levels low, and freshen breath.

    A raw diet mimics the food dogs are designed to eat in the wild. Your doggo’s ancestors, roaming and foraging for food in nature did not have dental problems. Only with the introduction of kibble and highly processed dog foods have we seen tooth decay and an increase of oral disease.

    Another proven way in which raw dog food can benefit oral hygiene is through providing  bones to chew. Dogs naturally enjoy gnawing on bones, so while this promotes good mental health, it also helps keep plaque levels relatively low. If you do decide to do this, then it is important that you only offer your dog uncooked bones; cooked bones are more likely to splinter and cause your dog internal injuries. ProDog Raw provide safe chew bones, which can aid dental cleanliness and hygiene, and we highly recommend regularly offering them to your dog.

    While most dog owners condemn their pets to dental disease by feeding them kibble, it does not need to be this was. Switching from kibble to raw is one of the fastest ways to promote dental hygiene in dogs. 

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