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  • Is a raw diet more expensive?

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    It costs approximately £1.11 a day to feed an 18kg dog*.

    The long-term health of your dog will also benefit which should ultimately lead to lower vet bills. For more information check out our raw dog food calculator and guide.

    *based on 1kg price of Complete Chicken Formula as at 15/02/21 – feeding an 18kg dog 2% of bodyweight per day with 5% subscription discount. 

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    4 responses to “Is a raw diet more expensive?”

    1. pinkbarbs0 says:

      My dog hates the raw food & I have tried taking time to gradually replace the foods with raw, but no good. Can I return these please as no good to me?

    2. Jon says:

      Just to balance this comment – our Dalmatian absolutely loves Prodog complete. She has been having for the past 3-4 months or so. just the sight of her beloved yellow tubs is enough to turn her into a kangaroo, bouncing over to her bowl 😀

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