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    1. Do you have a minimum order for delivery?

    The minimum order requirement for our raw food is 6kg. This applies to our one day delivery service and is applicable to most areas of the UK (see point 3 for areas outside of our 1 day delivery service).

    2. When will I receive my order?

    We endeavour to process and dispatch all raw food orders placed before 12noon Monday to Thursday for next day delivery.*

    Orders received after 12noon will be processed the next day. Any orders received Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be processed on Monday for Tuesday delivery (unless it is a Bank Holiday in which case it will be the Tuesday).

    *During extremely busy periods orders may be dispatched the following day for next day delivery.

    ProDog Raw Treats will be dispatched on a Monday and Thursday for next day delivery where possible but please allow 2-3 days.

    ProDog Raw Supplements – allow 5-7 days.

    3. Shipping considerations

    We ship to most locations in the UK however sometimes there are restrictions for areas including Northern Ireland, the Highlands of Scotland and the Isle of Man. Delivery to these locations may take longer and a minimum order of 20kg is required. For enquiries about when you will receive your order, you can contact us via our website contact link. If we anticipate a delay with your delivery we will aim to contact you as soon as possible to advise.

    4. Do I have to be in to receive my order?

    Yes. If you won’t be home to accept delivery you can nominate to leave with a neighbour who will need to keep the item refrigerated or in a cool place, out of direct sunlight, until you collect it from them.

    5. How does the food arrive?

    The food arrives frozen in a sturdy dual-ply cardboard outer box lined with an eco-friendly wool cool thermo liner, which we would encourage you to return. This ensures that the food stays frozen for up to 72 hours, even if you are not in to take delivery. Please note, however, if you instruct the courier to leave your goods in a safe place, or with a neighbour, you are responsible for the condition you receive them in.

    6. Shipping costs

    Raw Dog Food

    Delivery costs* 

    6 -15kg = £6.50
    15.5kg – 25kg = £9.00
    25.5kg – 50kg = £11.00

    50.5kg – 75kg = £13.00

    75kg+ = FREE DELIVERY

    Build Your Box*

    Please note that to improve efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment, we are incentivising people to completely fill their boxes to the upper limits stated below:

    Fill a 15kg box for a free treat
    Fill a 25kg box for a free treat
    Fill a 50kg box for a free treat
    Fill a 75kg box for FREE delivery

    100kg+ = FREE delivery

    Be sure to fill your box to take full advantage of the best delivery prices

    Ordering Pre-Packed Bundles*

    All Bundles – FREE delivery (please note this applies to all 15kg and 25kg pre-packed bundles)*

    Additional raw and treats ordered to be delivered alongside pre-packed bundles will incur charges as per above.

    *Please note these costs apply to anything within our next day delivery area. For those outside of our standard shipping areas, please see our two day shipping costs below.




    Supplements shipping is free however our probiotics will incur a delivery charge of £2.95.



    Bone Broth

    As this product needs to remain frozen, Bone Broth is delivered alongside raw food

    Two Day Delivery Area Costs

    The above delivery costs apply to our next day delivery service however, for those that live in areas outside of this, please refer to the costs below:

    • Northern Ireland and Isle of Many – £17 per 25kg box
    • Other 2 day areas such as Highlands is £9 per 25kg box

    Please note for these areas, the minimum order is 20kg.

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    20 responses to “How to Order”

    1. Les says:

      hi im interested in starting a business delivering raw dog food to customers in northern ireland using a freezer van. Do you sell wholesale in large quantities and import to northern ireland? thanks les

    2. gazrawlings says:

      If I subscribe to monthly purchases, can I cancel this at any time?

      • ProDog says:

        Yes you can. The subscription will give you a 5% discount though and you can make changes to your subscription.

        Team ProDog

    3. Pamela Deale says:

      Do you ship to the US?

      • ProDog says:

        Hi there – our food is raw and frozen so unfortunately we don’t however, we can ship our supplements.

        Team ProDog

    4. Janet Salmon says:

      I have a very picky small dog 3.9 kgs and fully grown. 6kgs is an awful lot to order if he doesn’t like it. He is on complete Rae at moment but am still exploring different makes to see what he eats best. Would you be able to do a smaller trial pack say 3 kgs which is still quite a lot of he doesn’t like it but I do Understand packaging and keeping it frozen In Transit. Many thanks

      • ProDog says:

        Hi there

        Unless you can collect from our Hull depot, it is not possible for us to deliver less than 6kg. As you say, it is how we keep it frozen – any less than 6kg just wouldn’t work. You can however partially defrost the tubs and decant what you need into smaller amounts if that helps?

        Kind Regards
        Team ProDog

    5. Mrs Linda sage says:

      I have received and tried the starter pack and would like to order some more but my dog won’t eat tripe or fish or rabbit
      How can I order

      • ProDog says:

        Hi there

        The good news is that it’s really simple. Simply order what you want from our extensive selection. If you go to the raw section, you can add 500g or 1kg tubs to your order choosing the options you want. There are also ready made bundles that you can order with free delivery but you will need to check if any of these options are included. If you fill your box (this will be made clear when you are ordering) you will get free delivery. Subscription to a regular order will also mean you benefit from a further 5% discount.

        Kind Regards
        Team ProDog

    6. Samantha Everson says:

      Hi, could you confirm whether the rabbit complete contains offal. Thank you.

    7. Dee Buzzby says:

      The top row of my 15kg order was almost completely defrosted when l received it. To be fair, it is 31c out there today. Is it safe to re-freeze the de frosted ones? Thank you!

      • Anna Bain says:

        Thank you for your message. We understand your concerns however, provided the food is still cold to the touch it is is safe to place in the freezer on arrival.

        Because the food is so fresh, it leaves our blast-freezer at -25 and is packaged in a way to maintain a safe temperature for up to 72 hrs. Admittedly this timescale may vary depending on the weather and outside temperature, as it is so hot today please do a test with the back of your hand to assess whether it is still cold before freezing.

        Touching the food by hand provides a much better idea of temperature than observation alone. It is safe to touch the food by hand provided you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards..

        If the food is soft through the middle and at room temperature to touch then this would be a reason to be cautious. You can salvage some by putting the tubs you can use within 3 days into the fridge; the rest should be disposed of.

        If you have any further questions you can contact us directly via email or using the contact form on our website.
        Kind Regards
        The ProDog Team

    8. hellsbells1961 says:

      Do you export raw to France

    9. Mr Killien says:

      Receiving monthly bundle. What is the process to return the insulation wool and empty tubs? Do we pay for delivery or do you provide a free delivery label? If we pay, then what is the cheapest method to send from Hampshire?

    10. suel50 says:

      I would like to add some puppy raw to my current subscription as my sons both have new pups and I often have them over for sleep overs. Both pups are on raw (not prodog raw). One is a large breed and is on 1.5 kilo of food per day at 14 weeks old. How do I add the additional puppy food to my existing subscription?

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