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  • How should I handle raw food?


    2 responses to “How should I handle raw food?”

    1. Sandra says:

      Hello. I have 4 dogs, 3 staffies, mom, dad and baby, the other one is a Boston mixed with Brussels griffon. Their weight:
      16kg, 20kg, 29kg and 8kg.
      What’s the ideal portion for each daily please? I have a very small freezer. I like to hear your advice please. Thank you. Sandra

      • ProDog says:

        Hi there

        The easiest thing to do would be to use the calculator here If you are looking to maintain weight (rather than lose or gain), the ideal weight would come out at 1,460g of food per day. In descending weight order this would be:

        580g per day for heaviest dog
        160g for lightest dog

        We hope this helps.

        Kind Regards
        Team ProDog

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