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  • How to Introduce ProDog Raw to Your Dog

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    There are two ways you can introduce your dog to a raw food diet. These are known as the rapid switch or the slow switch.

    Rapid switch  -This is the most straight forward approach. Simply stop the old food immediately and feed raw at the next meal time.

    If you dog is not keen or a little suspicious of this sudden change in food, then one option is to fast your dog for 24 hrs before feeding the raw food. Hunger is a great motivator. 

    The rapid switch method is only suitable for young dogs or those that have a normal gastrointestinal system. Any sudden dietary changes (including a switch to raw) can, in some cases, cause digestive upset; any such issues should resolve within a few days as your dog adjusts to the new diet.

    Slow switch  – A gradual transition, this method can take anything between 1-4 weeks. The speed of this process will depend on your dog’s response to the food. If they adapt well then you may be able to speed up the process. If there are signs such as upset stomach, poor quality stools, vomiting then you may choose to take things slower by adding smaller quantities of raw over a longer period of time. 

    Most owners complete the switch successfully in  7-10 days.

    Day 1

    Start by substituting an amount of the old food for Prodog Raw . The amount will depend on the speed in which you aim to transition, suggestions are 10%,  or ¼ of the meal,  or 1 teaspoon 

    If you feed two meals a day, make sure you repeat the process. Our chicken with green tripe is an excellent meal to start with, easy for a dog to digest and contains probiotics to support the gut.

    Day 2 (onwards)

    Increase the amount of raw food that you introduce each day by a further 10%/ ¼ of the meal or, if you are using teaspoon measurements, double each day e.g  2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc until you have achieved a full transition. 

    If at any stage, your dog has a loose stools, reduce the amount of raw food for two-three days, stabilising the stool and then proceed to steadily increase the raw food amounts.

    *Please note:

    •  The only time it is acceptable to mix raw and dry food is during this transition process. Once the transition is complete then you shouldn’t mix dry and raw due to the different digestion rates of these two food types.. 
    • Vomit is a common occurrence during the transition period as Dr Nick Thompson explains here 


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