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  • How do I set up a subscription?

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    Setting up a subscription couldn’t be easier and there are 2 major benefits

    1. You save money. ALL subscribers receive 5% off their order
    2. You save time. Once your subscription is set up it you never need to waste time placing orders again

    Here is a step by step guide to setting up your subscription:

    • Fill your shopping cart with the product combinations your doggo requires (psst word of advice! if you subscribe to a bundle you’ll receive product at a discounted price and delivery is FREE)
    • Proceed to view cart, you will be offered the option to subscribe. Simply select your preferred time frequency. Our subscription service is designed to suit your requirements. You have the option to set your delivery frequency from 1 week to 2 months and every time scale in between. 
    •  Proceed to checkout. If you already have an account you’ll be asked to log in. If you don’t have an account with us you’ll be asked to register
    • We’ll then request, billing shipping and payment details
    • Once you hit pay now button that’s it!  you never need to place an order again

    Sit back and relax in the knowledge your four-legged food will be delivered the exact frequency you requested.



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    14 responses to “How do I set up a subscription?”

    1. mirandabrailsford says:

      I want to amend the food for my next delivery within my subscription, is this possible?

    2. Sky says:

      How do I cancel a delivery?

    3. Samantha Thorne says:

      When I set the subscription for my order it’s not showing the 5% off at checkout , it’s still stating that it is the same price as before subscription.

    4. Dave Strand says:

      I just signed up for a subscription of dog food (chicken), but the 5% discount was not applied to my order. Please can you take a look ?



    5. globrown953 says:

      I would like to cancel my subscription to you how do I do this

    6. Rebecca Maullin says:

      Hi, I have a £5 reward coupon, but now have a subscription so how do I claim this off my payment?
      Thank you.

      • Anna Bain says:

        Hi Rebecca

        If you have a subscription your reward discounts will be automatically applied to your next order. No need for you to take any action.

        Kind Regards
        The ProDog Team

    7. Ruth Lelliott-Eves says:

      Hello, I have some reward points totalling £5. I’d like to take this £5 off this month’s subscription, but can’t see how. Please can you advise? Thanks, Ruth

      • Anna Bain says:

        Hi Ruth

        If you have a subscription your reward discounts will automatically be applied to your next order. No need for you to take any action.

        Kind Regards
        The Prodog Team

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