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  • How do I change when my subscription order is delivered?

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    • Log in to your account
    • Go to your ‘Account’ page
    • Select ‘Subscriptions’ from the table on the left of your screen
    • Click on the ‘View’ button next to the subscription you want to change the delivery date for
    • Click the ‘Change Delivery’ button next to actions
    • You will be taken to a delivery preferences page where you can change the delivery date for the next order or mark the tick boxes to stipulate the days of the week that you would like to accept delivery of an order
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    2 responses to “How do I change when my subscription order is delivered?”

    1. Rachael Hawthorne says:

      Please could you let me know when my monthly delivery will be with me. Thank you

      • ProDog says:

        Hi there

        Please check your email as the customer service team have sent you a response on this. Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

        Kind Regards
        Team ProDog

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