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  • How can I view my subscriptions?


    6 responses to “How can I view my subscriptions?”

    1. dash72.ash says:

      Hi, will the same food every 5 weeks be automatically ordered? and delivered? Or do I have to order it? Sorry probably stupid question.

      • ProDog says:

        Hi Debbie

        If you set up your order on subscription for 5 weeks then it will be the same order that is automatically dispatched.

        Kind Regards
        Team ProDog

    2. Olivia Scott says:

      I would like to test this dog food with no obligations to sign up to repeat order as my dog has allergies and a picky eater. Please advise I can do this

    3. cgorry6 says:

      I’m sorry I’m trying to add extra packs to my two weekly order but it looks like I’m starting a new order each time. Can you help? I just need + 3 packs and + 1 ostrich treat.

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