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  • Do I need to be concerned about the bacteria from raw meat?

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    The short answer: “Not if you ensure effective hygiene precautions when storing, handling and preparing your dogs meals” (just as you would when storing and  handling raw meat for human consumption).

    ALWAYS wash hands, utensils and surfaces after use

    ALWAYS store raw meat products securely to ensure zero leakage and zero contact with other food or surfaces.

    While it is no secret that there are potentially harmful bacteria in all meat used for a raw food diet, the risks are negligible as long as you buy from a reputable DEFRA approved supplier.

    Just the mere mention of the word ‘Bacteria’ has some people reaching for the antibacterial wipes but let’s not forget that not all bacteria are  harmful. In fact, without beneficial bacteria we wouldn’t stay healthy. Good bacteria  in the gut is essential to an effective immune system, they aid the fight against infection and disease. The trouble is that often we eliminate the good bacteria while trying to get rid of the bad. 

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