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Getting Started

9 Apr '21


Do I need to be concerned about the bacteria from raw meat?

The short answer: “Not if you ensure effective hygiene precautions when storing, handling and preparing your dogs meals” (just as you would when storing and  handling raw meat for human consumption). ALWAYS wash hands, utensils and surfaces after use ALWAYS store raw meat products securely to ensure zero leakage and zero contact with other food […]

24 Feb '21


What are the tub dimensions?

This is a question we are often asked by customers who want to work out how much space they have in their freezer and how much they should order. Tub dimensions are: 1KG Tubs; 18cm x 11cm x 10cm 500G Tubs; 18cm x 11cm x 5cm   

18 Dec '20


How to Order

1. Do you have a minimum order for delivery? The minimum order requirement for our raw food is 6kg. This applies to our one day delivery service and is applicable to most areas of the UK (see point 3 for areas outside of our 1 day delivery service). 2. When will I receive my order? We […]

24 Mar '19


Help! My Dog Won’t Eat

When it comes to raw feeding for dogs, it is not unusual to hear reports from an owner that their dog has gone off their raw dog food or simply won’t eat it. We recommend reading:   

24 Mar '19


Raw Feeding Guide

A guide to feeding ProDog Raw along with handling and preparing the food can be found here –   

24 Mar '19


Can I feed a mixture of raw and dry?

No. The digestive process for raw food and dry food is completely different. Raw food is digested within 4-6 hours whereas dry food takes between 12-18 hours. Feeding a mix of raw and dry food puts an unnecessary strain on a dog’s internal organs and can leave the system vulnerable to bacteria and parasites. Unless […]

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