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  • Can raw food give my dog worms?

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    If you are buying your raw food from a reputable manufacturer that uses human-grade meat then there is absolutely no reason why your dog should contract any sort of parasite from a raw diet. ProDog Raw are DEFRA approved and only use premium quality, human-grade meat.

    Feeding meat that is infected with parasite eggs is what gives your dog parasites. Just because you feed the dog raw meat does not automatically mean your dog is infected with parasites.

    The parasite issue is something that non-raw folk use as a scare tactic, telling you that your dog is going to die if it eats raw meat because it will get a weird parasite. They neglect to tell you the very low incidence of these parasites in meat deemed safe for human consumption.

    All our meat is sourced from red tractor farms that are fit for human consumption, we are also fully Defra Approved, checked and authorised. Our products are frozen at very low temperatures which kill any possible worms.

    We are Defra Approved

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    4 responses to “Can raw food give my dog worms?”

    1. M says:

      The vet recommended dry dog food for my 6yr old Yorkie’s teeth to stay healthy, but he HATES dry dog food. How would raw food affect his teeth please?

    2. clare_2906 says:

      Hi I’m shopping my frenchie from dry to raw. Do I do this gradually or straight swop please. Thanks

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