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  • Can I return the tubs or wool liners?

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    We sadly have not been accepting returns on the yellow tubs since July 2020 due to new restrictions enforced by trading standards as a result of  COVID 19.

    This is why the yellow tubs are no longer on the returns form. They are fully recyclable so please recycle locally for the foreseeable future. 

    ProDog treats are rewarded in exchange for the return of wool liners. We require a minimum of 6 liners to be returned at one time, in exchange for one packet of treats.

    You will find more detailed information about our approach to packaging and how you can do your bit for the environment in our blog article here.


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    2 responses to “Can I return the tubs or wool liners?”

    1. Bee Williams says:

      Now do I return the wool liners please

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