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  • Can I feed a mixture of raw and dry?

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    No. The digestive process for raw food and dry food is completely different.

    Raw food is digested within 4-6 hours whereas dry food takes between 12-18 hours.

    Feeding a mix of raw and dry food puts an unnecessary strain on a dog’s internal organs and can leave the system vulnerable to bacteria and parasites. Unless you are introducing raw to replace dry food, as part of the transition to raw, then you shouldn’t mix the two.


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    6 responses to “Can I feed a mixture of raw and dry?”

    1. Daniel says:

      What about giving kibble still as we are still training is that advised or what do you recommend for giving for training while on a raw diet?

    2. lilythepink13 says:

      I have just opened the tub of raw food for our 10 month old puppy last night so have mixed with his kibble to ween him onto the raw diet. Do I continue this fir 1 week? And also he has had loose stools. Is this normal when they first start a raw diet?

    3. Deep Sathya says:

      My puppy has juvenile diabetes, can I give her raw food? she is 8 months old and is getting thinner by the day, she is on insulin.
      The dry food that is recommended hasn’t worked for her.
      Is it possible to give raw food in the morning and for dinner we can give her the dry (kibbles)?

      • ProDog says:

        Hi there – rather than trying to advise you via the web comments, can we ask you to email the team – we work with a holistic vet – Professor Nick Thompson, so we will be able to get you some proper advice and arrange a call perhaps?

        Kind Regards
        Team ProDog

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