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  • Are dogs really meant to eat raw meat? My dog seems ok eating dry food

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    The short answer is yes!

    A dog’s digestive system is designed to process raw meat, bones and offal and their health is bolstered by the nutrients found in this type of food.  There are now studies which provide supporting evidence. For example the Odin Project, facilitated by Thomas Sandberg is a 20 year study documenting the health benefits experienced by thousands of dogs eating a raw diet. 

    Many owners considering raw feeding will question why their dog seems ok eating dry food. Our answer is there is a huge difference between thriving and surviving. Dogs are a very adaptable species and will adapt to the food provided, however physiologically they are not designed to eat the levels of carbohydrates often contained in kibble type feed. Plus highly processed foods simply don’t provide the nutritional spectrum needed for optimal health.

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