Keeping Your Dogs Teeth on Top Form


by ProDog Raw

Good dental health for dogs is essential for their well-being. Vets recommend that you brush your dog’s teeth daily to prevent food and bacteria from building up.

A Simple Method of Cleaning Dogs’ Teeth

To clean your dog’s teeth wrap a piece of damp gauze around your finger. Dip this into some baking powder or dog toothpaste. Gently rub your dog’s teeth with your finger to clean. To begin with, just clean a quarter of your dog’s teeth each time so that he has time to get used to this procedure. Rotate to clean a different section daily. Once your dog is relaxed with this you will be able to clean his whole mouth in a short time.

Choose a Raw Diet

It is proven that a raw diet will keep dog teeth healthier and stronger. This is because ProDog Raw is made from natural products: meat, vegetables and fruits. A raw diet avoids any by-products like meals and cereal grains, all foods that will stick to your dog’s teeth.

Most treats on the market contain sugars, fats and cereal grains. Avoid giving these, but instead feed carrots, apples, squash and pumpkin, all of which will scrape food off teeth as they eat.

Encourage your dog to chew on hard toys. This will also assist in scraping and cleaning teeth. Offer a toy after each meal for this purpose.

Offer Raw Bones

Raw bones will clean off teeth whilst giving your dog’s mouth a good workout too. A large raw beef marrow bone is the best kind. Small or cooked bones will break and fragment easily and get stuck in your dog’s mouth. Avoid artificial bones made from starch because these are more likely to stick to your dog’s teeth. Always supervise your dog when he is chewing on a bone.

Despite best efforts, dental problems do occur. If your dog’s breath has an offensive odour, he has a brown build-up of plaque, he is drooling, lacks appetite and has difficulty eating then he has dental disease and needs a trip to the vet.


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