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What is a balanced raw food diet for dogs?

Some of you will be acutely aware of how your dog’s diet affects their attitude and behaviour. For others, it may not be something that you have considered. Of course, for all dog owners it is important to feed your dog the right diet for a number of reasons.

From their general health and wellbeing to their mood, behaviour and attitude it is critical that you feed your dog the correct fuelthat they need for their growth, development, conditioning and behaviour.

What NOT to feed your dog

Many of you will be quite particular about what you feed your dogs and go to great lengths to ensure that they only have a specific type of food. Others will think that because the dog seems happy and healthy and enjoys their food, that they are on the right diet.

In order to think about how dogs are affected by food let’s take a look at our own behaviours. If you eat an unhealthy diet there will be some noticeable side effects. You may put on weight, feel lethargic and, if eating certain products, you may feel irritable or experience energy spikes or dips. Imagine giving a bag of colourful sweets to a child and watching what happens to them. This is no different for dogs that are fed the wrong fuel.

What you may not realise is that many well-known brands of dog food are full of processed ingredients and additives that are designed to make your dog want more. While they may be eating well and seem to enjoy their food, consider what they are ingesting.

In addition, many such brands aren’t consistent. A lot of leading dog foods are so full of additives and chemicals that, if you knew what was in them, you wouldn’t dream of feeding them to your beloved dog. These include bulking agents and fillers, extracts and preservatives and added sugars. Just like children, if you make it taste nice, the dog will want more.

Feeding your dog a raw diet

The best diet for your dog is the one that nature intended – a BARF diet (biologically appropriate raw feeding). A dog’s anatomy and physiology is designed to eat and digest prey that they hunt for themselves in the wild. This will consist of raw muscle meat, bone, organ meatsand the contents of the prey’s stomach which will often be vegetation.

Now of course, dogs aren’t wild and many of them are indeed dogs. That doesn’t mean that their anatomy has changed. They still have the same digestive system as their ancestors and this system needs to be fed the correct nutrition to work at its optimum level.

A raw diet must consist of all the necessary elements to give your dog everything they need. Poultry such as chicken and turkey and other meats like beef, salmon and offal are all excellent sources of protein with a high biological value. This means that your dog digests all of the nutrients instead of passing much of it through the body as waste. There are a number of health benefits to feeding a raw diet which include:

• Nutritional content promotes health and vitality
• Keeps weight stable preventing obesity and arthritis
• Cleans teeth preventing gum disease and reducing bad breath
• Improved digestion
• Promotes a shiny coat and skin health
• Reduced firmer stools plus less flatulents
• Boosts immune system
• Decreases allergy symptoms
• Promotes a stable temprement
• Reduces vet bills
• Economical to feed

In addition to a healthy source of high grade protein and nutrients from raw meat and meaty bones, dog’s will also benefit from veggies and superfoods and the fibre, vitamins and minerals that they deliver.

Supplementing your dog’s diet the natural way

Dog owners should look to include all of the above elements as part of a complete raw diet. However some owners look to take matters further and add additional nutrition to the diet in the form of natural supplementation. If your dog has for example, breed specific issues or advanced performance demands, it may be a good idea to investigate supplements that offer increased benefits. Natural, organic supplements contain ingredients designed to provide extra protection, aid recovery and help build lean muscle mass and boost performance even further. Often the nutritional supplementation required will depend on the dog, their growth and development requirements, activity levels and the kind of lifestyle they lead.

The ProDog Raw range

The ProDog Raw range offers a raw feeding diet for both puppy and adult dogs alike that has been formulated by experts, following years of research. The ingredients are completely natural and all of British origin. The range consists of a choice between our complete formula including meat and vegetable varieties as well as a meat only options. The food is of the highest calibre, packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In addition to this you will find absolutely none of the following:

• No cereals, bulking agents or fillers
• No artificial colours or flavourings
• No extracts or preservatives
• Wheat & Gluten free
• No added sugars

ProDog Raw is the diet that nature intended and will ensure your dog has everything it needs for growth, development and conditioning in order to stay healthy and happy.

For more information or to see our extensive range options varieties check our website

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