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Green Tripe Raw Dog Food

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by Mike Simmonds

A dog in the wild would hunt and kill its prey and nothing would go to waste. Using their five kinds of very sharp teeth, they will kill the animal and then strip the flesh from the bones before eating the stomach contents and the bone. While every part of the prey is good for the dog, it is these stomach contents that are especially beneficially. In fact, tripe as it is more commonly known, is one of the best, if not the best ingredients that you can include in your dog’s raw diet.

What is Tripe?

Tripe is the stomach of cattle or any other ruminating (grazing animal). As you can imagine the contents of a cow’s stomach is mostly grass and other green stuff that they graze on. As well as cows, other grazing animals include pigs, sheep, lamb and goats. While tripe is also a popular food in various areas of the world for humans, it has numerous nutritional properties for dogs.

The Benefits of Tripe for Dogs

Tripe is a highly digestible source of protein that is completely natural and what a dog would eat in the wild as part of its regular diet. It contains a number of properties which offer numerous health and wellbeing benefits to your dog:

  • Protein – High in protein and a healthy source of fat with 7 omega oils. Helps to build muscle and to improve the immune system, repair tissue and protect urinary tract health.
  • Probiotics – Perhaps the greatest benefit of feeding green tripe to a dog is the probiotics that it offers. It contains lactobacillus acidophilus which is used by the digestive system to protect against harmful bacteria. By increasing the acidophilus levels, you promote healthy digestion and optimise the absorption of vital nutrients.
  • Enzymes – Increase the amounts of enzymes in a dog’s digestive system by including raw green tripe in their diet. Enzymes allow the system to breakdown the food into the vital nutrients required.
  • Vitamins and minerals – The fact that untreated tripe contains partially digested green matter means that your dog will be getting an abundance of healthy, natural vitamins and minerals. You will find the perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorous in green tripe, something that we strive to offer with all of our ProDog recipes.

The Difference in Treated and Untreated Tripe

You will notice that we mention raw green tripe above. It is important for raw feeders feeding raw dog food to understand the difference in tripe. While some can be bought off the shelf in a supermarket, other types of untreated tripe can be sourced. Let’s take a look at the difference in the two:

Supermarket Tripe (Treated)

This is the type of tripe that you don’t want to feed to your dog. As it is intended for human consumption it is heavily treated being bleached and boiled until all the nutrients have been removed. Feeding this type of treated tripe to your dog is of no benefit whatsoever.

Untreated Raw Green Tripe

Unlike supermarket tripe, raw green tripe is untreated. The only treatment it receives is being rinsed in cold water. It is known as green tripe because of its unbleached nature and while it can contain traces of grass and other green matter, the colour of it ranges from light brown to black. There are different forms of green tripe but what you should be looking for are those from locally sourced DEFRA approved supplier that has been minimally processed.

Choose Tripe from a DEFRA Approved Supplier

When you buy tripe, exercise caution when choosing where to buy it from, especially when it comes to unbleached and untreated raw, green tripe. In its natural state, if not carefully tested and responsibly sourced, it can harbour high levels of bacteria. At ProDog Raw, all of our recipes including those that include Green Tripe are lab tested for all harmful bacteria and we only source our ingredients from DEFRA approved suppliers.

All Dogs Can Benefit from Tripe

Feeding tripe once a week as part of their meal or as a standalone meal is a great way to get all of the healthy goodness of this amazing foodstuff into your dog. It is particularly good for those dogs that need to gain healthy weight or that are recovering from illness. As well as being good for weight gain it is also great for weight loss as it the nutrients that it contains are all digested and absorbed by the body and none of it goes to waste. Fed in the right quantities it can help to maintain a healthy weight. It is also great for picky eaters as the smell is particularly attractive to them. There aren’t many dogs that can resist the allure of tripe in their food bowl.

Let’s Talk About the Smell

There is no way to sugar coat the fact that tripe smells. In fact, it smells bad. You can handle it, wash your hands and still smell it. If you are feeling a little delicate, it can be quite offensive. Despite this, for those of us that want the best for our dogs, we put up with it and feed it. So, stand back a bit, hold your nose and wear gloves if you feel you need to and remember just how much goodness is in this particularly smelly food.

If you aren’t feeding your dog raw green tripe then you should be. It is a great way to promote excellent digestive health and included as part of their raw diet can help to boost their immune system, their central nervous system, repair damaged tissue and a whole host of other benefits. If you have any questions or you would like to place an order for raw green tripe recipes then please get in touch.

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