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French Bulldog Food


by Mike Simmonds

The French bulldog first came to be in the 1800s when they were the result of a cross between Toy Bulldogs of English origin and Parisian Ratters. In recent years, this breed has seen a surge in popularity and now they are a very familiar sight and popular as a domestic pet. Unfortunately, and is often the case with cross breeds, they are not without health issues. We take a look at how raw diet for French Bulldogs can help improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing and overall lifespan of a breed that also require a moderate exercise regime.

French Bulldogs Need the Right Diet

It is no secret that the French Bulldog breed is prone to health issues. This is due to how they are bred and the shape of their face. The fact that they are a brachycephalic breed (short-nosed), means that they have trouble breathing. This you can tell by the way they snuffle and snort especially when exercising. They are also prone to other conditions such as hip dysplasia, skin sensitivities and upset stomachs.

Maintaining Their Weight

Along with their breathing issues, Frenchies can develop serious health problems if they are overweight. The extra weight makes it even harder for them to breathe properly. When feeding therefore, it is very important that they are given a healthy, clean diet that is full of the right nutrients, not one that is composed of fillers, additives and other nasties that will only add to their health problems and your vet bills! Their diet should consist of biologically appropriate protein and healthy fats, ground bone and vegetables such as carrots, leafy greens, and broccoli which are packed with the required vitamins and minerals. They also need to be receiving the correct calcium to phosphorus ratio. All of this can be found by selecting the correct raw diet for French Bulldogs.

Improving Their Immune System

A natural raw diet will help with improving their overall immune system and subsequently their health. In order to improve the health of your French Bulldog, you first need to understand how the gut health of dogs and therefore what you put in that gut can have a massive impact on the dogs overall wellbeing. With all breeds, and particularly those that suffer from these sort of issues, you want to maximise their defences and ensure that their immune system is in peak condition. To do this, you start with improving their gut flora.

What is Gut Flora and How Can You Improve it?

Gut flora is the name that is given to the good bacterial microorganisms found in a dog’s digestive tract. Processed, manufactured dog food is loaded with additives, synthetics and chemicals which can upset the gut flora and lead to a condition called ‘Leaky Gut’, where the intestine becomes permeated. There is a delicate intestinal mucosa lining and protecting the gut which allows the digested nutrients to pass through the system into the blood stream. This mucous lining provides an effective barrier against toxins passing through and entering the dog’s system. When this lining becomes compromised by the wrong foods, the dog is more prone to illness.

Avoiding Food Sensitivities and Skin Conditions

A raw diet for French Bulldogs is the one that nature intended. It is species appropriate, clean and unadulterated and doesn’t contain any nasty additives or chemicals that can upset the gut health of the dog. Digestive issues can often be avoided and you can minimise the threat of potentially serious illnesses and skin conditions. Leaky Gut is often the main underlying cause of skin irritation and food sensitivities in many dogs, especially in breeds such as the French Bulldog. With the right raw diet for French Bulldogs, they can be protected against such symptoms as itchy and flaky skin, constant licking or chewing of paws, hair loss and even bouts of D&V.

Flatulence Can be Avoided

Now, there are many owners of French Bulldogs that will be nodding their head in appreciation at this. Because of the shape of their face, and the fact that they struggle with breathing, they can have trouble taking in air correctly when they eat. As a result, the dog gulps air which can lead to flatulence. In order to reduce and prevent the large levels of gas, a raw diet is much easier to ingest and to digest. The ingredients found in an all-natural raw meat and vegetable diet are exactly what the dogs gut is designed to process compared to a heavily refined commercial dog food diet.

Less Rubbish in, Less Rubbish out!

As well as flatulence, you will notice a reduction in the amount of waste that they excrete. Simply explained, when feeding a raw diet, as so much more of the food the dogs eats is of a higher nutritional content, their body absorbs and utilises almost all of it. With intensively processed and synthetic foods such as kibble, much of the contents are nutritionally useless to the dog and are therefore passed through the gut and fired straight back out of their body leaving you following them round picking up an abundance of poo.

Giving them Added Protection

In addition to feeding natural raw diet for French Bulldogs, extra dietary support supplements such as Maximus, can aid the dog further by offering a super boost of organic nutrients and botanicals which deliver even more protection. Supplementation can be a fantastic belts and braces way to ensures your dog is getting the very best nutrition that you can possibly give them. As the bull breeds are renown for genetic joint issues, Flexx is another excellent choice of supplement to give to a French Bulldog. Flexx can help to prevent against conditions such as hip dysplasia as it protects the joints against inflammation. The natural, organic ingredients are designed to aid the prevention of bone degeneration and assist cartilage repair. This dual-purpose product also targets skin health and coat condition with noticeable results.

For more help and information about feeding your French Bulldog a raw dog food, please get in touch with us and we will be only too happy to help and advise you on switching your dog to ProDog Raw.

Mike Simmonds

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31 responses to “French Bulldog Food”

  1. Geoff Dench says:

    Hi we have a French bulldog who stinks no matter which food we have tried, we are considering raw food and we are wondering if there is a specific raw food that we need?

    • ProDog says:

      Hi Geoff, we would recommend our range of Complete Formula meals as they contain everything that your dog needs. Each meal is nutritionally balanced. All you need to do is defrost, serve and let them enjoy!

  2. Fiona Price says:

    What of your foods do you recommend for Frenchies

    • ProDog says:

      Hi Fiona, we would recommend the Complete Formula range as it contains everything they need, nutritionally balanced in each meal. Just defrost, serve and let them enjoy!

  3. April Frankson says:

    Looking to try ur brand I have a Frenchie on raw at the moment but some of the brands are crazy expensive
    He’s sick everytime I’ve tried chicken
    What can you reccomend I buy from your range

    • ProDog says:

      We have an extensive range of complete formulas including lots that don’t include chicken. It is worth trying some of the alternatives like our Turkey formula for example or our Beef with Offal.

    • Hannahe says:

      Hi everyone, my Frenchie (Pogba) and Poodle (Dougal) love their raw food, it has made a difference to Pogba’s energy, although he’s so energetic anyway, he is so even more now. Everytime I’m out walking with him up the fells people comment on how fast he is for a frenchie. He certainly isn’t what people would describe a frenchie would be like and I definitely think his diet has a part to play in this. I used to get kibble delivered and although he would eat it he lacked passion for it. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in flatulence with him, this was awful previously, now it’s not half as bad. This is a god send as we all know how they can smell. Another thing I’ve noticed in both of them is the reduced size of their fieces, literally half if not a quarter of the size it was. This must prove that their bodies are taking in more goodness from raw in comparison to kibble where they get rid of more than they eat sometimes and is a sloppy consistency. Honeslty don’t hesitate in making a change to your dogs diet. I swear by it. And had no tummy upsets in the transition either. Oh! Treat your dogs to the raw treats too. I keep mine frozen all the time so they last my dogs longer. They are a big hit with my 2.
      Happy dogs = Happy owners
      Hannah 🙂

      • ProDog says:

        Hi April, we are absolutely delighted to hear that you have such happy and healthy dogs and that they are thriving on a ProDog Raw diet which is, of course, our utmost priority. We strive to deliver nutritional excellence for all dogs. It makes it all the more worthwhile when we receive such positive feedback from owners about their beloved dogs and how well they are doing.

        • Matt Ashton says:

          Hi we have recently rehomed a 7 month old french bull dog which was being fed on Tails biscuit. Could you advise on the type of raw food we could get him on to asap. Would this also be covered under you trial pack? Regards Matt. Currently he weighs about 10kg so needs building up. Thank you

          • ProDog says:

            Hi Matt, in the first instance we would recommend our Complete Range. This has everything he needs for a nutritionally balanced raw diet. Our sample pack includes 5kg and we would advise feeding him 2-3% of his ideal weight. This will depend on how much underweight he is now as of course you want to build him up. If for example you want him to be 12kg then you would feed him approx 240g-360g per day but you would need to monitor him and make sure that he is gaining at a healthy rate. Our sample pack would give you between 15-20 days. There is a handy calculator that will help you. I hope this answers your questions. Always happy to help. You can contact us through our Facebook page which may be easier.

    • Carolina smith says:

      Hi I have got a puppy of 4,months and a dog of 15months both frenchies looking to feed raw,can you help please

  4. MCAREY1983 says:

    i wanted to leave a comment, to say my Frenchie Frank has been on the ProDog raw (complete) for just under a week, prior is he was biscuit and wet food. I have seen a massive difference in Frank, he has so much more energy (not sure that is a good thing haha) but he is much happier. Before he would turn his nose up at the kibble and walk away, on ,many occasions wouldn’t eat of a morning would be that stubborn he wouldn’t eat until the evening so he would miss a bowl of food a day. I cant express how helpful the guy was from ProDog when i called for advice. I was nervous moving from dry to raw, it was so easy and i took advantage of the sample pack. I have now made my first order of the complete bundle pack, now where to store it all. I do believe if its not good enough for you to eat then i wouldn’t feed it to my dog. My order arrived the following day, packaged to keep the items cool. So far i am very happy and so is Frank. Thank you

    • ProDog says:

      That is great to hear, thanks so much for your feedback Michelle and, of course, Frank. We are sure he will continue to enjoy all of the delicious recipes that we have to offer.

  5. Emma Walters says:

    I have a 14wk old Frenchie girl. Always fed raw but looking at alternative brand etc. What would you recommend, would I order the puppy sample?? She tends to have bad wind with beed in particular.

    • Emma Walters says:

      Plus she is roughly 4.8kg, how many grammes of food per day? Currently fed 3 times per day X

      • ProDog says:

        Hi Emma – I believe we have now responded via messages to this? I hope you found the answers you were looking for.

      • ProDog says:

        Hi Emma – as above, I believe we have answered your questions now.
        Team ProDog

    • ProDog says:

      Hi Emma
      I believe we have answered your query by message now? I hope you managed to get the answers you needed.

  6. Kurt swain says:

    Please can you tell me what raw food I can put my French bulldog on he got really bad skin conditions and would really like some help on what food to put him on

    • ProDog says:

      Hi there – we recommend using our Complete range. This will give your dog everything he needs nutritionally and will help with his overall health. You should notice an improvement in his skin condition.

  7. Jason says:

    Hi I’ve got a french bulldog and she as skin and paw problem ?and She not happy at the moment she also need fattening up. I’m interested in buying some raw food as I’ve been told that your food I amazing for french bulldog. Please could you advise me on the best one please. Thanks Jason Harvey

  8. Karlaa says:

    Hello i have a 14 week old Frenche.. He wont eat hardly anything we give him, Please can you advise i was told to check this page out.
    Many thanks.

  9. Amy says:

    Hey, I love this article, Currently, I feed my Frenchie tinned dog food and kibble but I’m not sure its enough variation, Do you think I should add different foods into my dog’s diet? I’ve also read that you can introduce Fruit and vegetables into a dog’s diet but I’m trying to keep cost down, not too sure I have to add all these extra ingredients.

  10. Michelle says:

    Evening I have 12 month old Frenchie who started off feeding her raw then. Hanged her about 2 months ago onto lillies wet and dry she seems to enjoy it but the gas she has is really bad!!! Thinking of putting her back on raw but she wasn’t enjoying the last raw food we was giving her any ideas?
    Thanks Michelle

    • ProDog says:

      Hi Michelle
      We get many positive reviews about how much our food reduces wind in Frenchies. If you have any questions then this will help – In terms of not enjoying it, we don’t tend to have an issue with dogs not liking it – it is usually some other issue why they won’t eat – Happy to help if you have any further questions.

    • Can warm weather cause a loss of appetite and or diarrhea with French
      Bull dogs. When I noticed his stool was more like a case of diarrhea I immediately felt something was wrong. Sometimes he likes to pick tan bark from the yard and chew on it and I worry when he looks like he may be eating it. I try to take it from him but runs away with it. Sometimes he will be biting or nibbling plants outside.
      I been feeding him no grain Purina Beneful dry kibble. He does not seem to like it very much. When I add wet food he eats it better.

      • ProDog says:

        Hi Michelle
        Have you tried raw food? As you can see in this article, there are so many reasons why a raw diet is the ideal one for Frenchies. This particular breed is renowned for it’s ‘windiness’ and many have found transitioning to raw makes the stools firmer and less smelly. A number of factors can cause loss of appetite including the dog just not being hungry because of the amount of carbs in kibble. A switch to raw should make all the difference.
        Team ProDog

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