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Ditch The Dry T-Shirt

August is Ditch the Dry month and after it's mammoth success last year, we are bringing it back for 2021. This year, we have loads more planned!

#DITCHTHEDRY is all about education, understanding and raising awareness of raw feeding to the masses. Chances are if you are reading this page you already feed raw so you know the benefits and you love to see your dog thriving whilst feeding them what they are anatomically designed to eat.
#DITCHTHEDRY isnt just about ProDog Raw, its about helping you discuss the benefits and abolish the myths surrounding raw with your friends and family to help encourage them to try feeding any responsibly produced brand of raw and see the benefits for themselves.
This month we want to bring more awareness to raw feeding and #ditchthedry. We want to see conversations started around the subject matter to help people understand and look into raw feeding their dog for themselves. We want you to help us raise awareness and that is why we have created a brand new ditch the dry T-Shirt that we will be giving out for free to the first 100 requests.
Dont worry, if you need some backing, we've got you! Throughout August you will have a huge amount of resource - articles, blogs, video guides etc etc on all types of subject matter around raw feeding and its myths from highly trained, highly qualified sources. Like our facebook page or visit our #ditchthedry hub to find all the information as we release it.
If you are interested in getting your hands on a Ditch the Dry T-Shirt so you can take part in the activities we are running this August, please fill in our form and we will send you further details along with a brand new #Ditchthedry T-Shirt!

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