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Raw Dog Food Diet blogs from ProDog Raw there is so much information here relating a Raw Dog Food Diet dogs needs and nutrition which should help and guide you and your dog.

25 Feb '21


How a raw diet can help your dogs digestive system

Many people don’t realise just how bad some so called ‘dog foods’ are and some of the alarming ingredients that they contain. Why would you have cause to doubt major brands that sell their food to millions? It is only when the dog is not feeling well, is off their food or has a regular […]

16 Feb '21


If Kibbled Dog Food Is So Bad, Why Is Raw Dog Food Not Seen As the Solution?

Fascinating question, the answer to which involves money, habits, reputations, marketing and familiarity.  It’s obvious, if you talk to any human nutritionist or naturopath, that eating ultra-processed food every day of your life cannot be healthy. Why, then, do we feed our precious dogs on the stuff?  Let’s examine the reasons why feeding dogs a […]

11 Feb '21


Trail Running with an English Springer Spaniel

Flo, a four-year old Springer and I have been running together since she was developed enough to run at 15 months. As an ultramarathon and keen trail runner, I run a lot of miles and am regularly covering between 5 and 25 miles at a time. It’s a wonderful way for Flo and I to […]

22 Dec '20


Can My Dog Eat….

Can Dogs Eat Apples? Apple pips are not good for dogs, they even contain some cyanide. But the flesh of an apple is safe and can be nutritious too. Apples are best fed as a once in a while snack or treat if your dog likes them. Like most fruits they are higher is sugars […]

13 Dec '20


Protein For Dogs To Build Muscle

Whether you are looking to build up muscle on your dog following an injury, period of recovery or compete more strongly in a dog sport, the key is always in quality protein. Some dogs can also find themselves reducing in weight due to digestive issues. If the dog was not absorbing or digesting food efficiently […]

11 Dec '20


Three Reasons I Distrust Dog Food Corporations

Nutrition Research is Often Bogus Dr Ben Goldacre, in his 2013 book ‘Bad Pharma’, massacres fifty years of tampered human drug trials. In it, he says: ‘How do industry-sponsored trials almost always manage to get a positive result? It is, as far as anyone can be certain, a combination of factors. It may be that […]