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Dogs At Home

Our Dogs at Home blog posts provide information and insights into life at home for your dog. From walking to your dog to happy socialising with other dogs, ProDog Raw has you covered.

19 Jul '21


Which Dogs Are The Ultimate Wingpups?

Cockapoos the ultimate ‘Wingpup’ when online dating  It is no secret that the recent pandemic has changed the way we live and interact with one another – if it isn’t Zoom or Facetime it is Instagram, TikTok or Twitter. Users seem to be getting their fix of human interaction online more than ever, and when […]

8 Jul '21


Pick Your England Barking XI

The England Dog Squad  Our England Euro team has surpassed all expectations, beating fierce competition to get to the final against Italy this coming Sunday. We think it’s fair to say that the nation hasn’t felt this positive about our chances in a major football tournament since the iconic year of 1966 –  it’s coming […]

7 Jul '21


Let’s Meet the England Players’ Dogs

With the buzz surrounding the current England team and their sterling (pardon the pun) performance of late, you’d be forgiven for the constant chants and quotes of of “It’s Coming Home”. We don’t mind a game of football here at ProDog and are quite excited to see how far the team go. But, you know […]

26 May '21


2021 Dogs Of Instagram Rich List

They earn how much!? The ‘big dogs’ of Instagram revealed  Instagram is not just for selfies, #OOTD and memes. In fact, Instagram has created a whole new market for dog lovers and owners alike. You’ll likely struggle to avoid pictures of dogs posing in front of the camera as you scroll through your feed, but […]

5 May '21


How to prevent separation anxiety in your dog when returning to the office

Since the pandemic broke out in March last year, most of us will have been spending a lot more time at home, and one of the positives of this situation was being able to spend more time with our dogs. A lot of people also saw it as an opportunity to get their first dog, […]

10 Mar '21


How To Make Your Dog Your Own Food If The Stores Have Run Out

The recent reports of supermarket pet food shortages are naturally causing widespread concern amongst dog and cat owners – especially those who have only recently become an owner.  If your local store hasn’t got your dog’s dry or wet food in stock, there’s actually no need to worry. Our dogs are living breathing mammals just […]

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