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Our Dogs at Home blog posts provide information and insights into life at home for your dog. From walking to your dog to happy socialising with other dogs, ProDog Raw has you covered.

5 May '21


How to prevent separation anxiety in your dog when returning to the office

Since the pandemic broke out in March last year, most of us will have been spending a lot more time at home, and one of the positives of this situation was being able to spend more time with our dogs. A lot of people also saw it as an opportunity to get their first dog, […]

10 Mar '21


How To Make Your Dog Your Own Food If The Stores Have Run Out

The recent reports of supermarket pet food shortages are naturally causing widespread concern amongst dog and cat owners – especially those who have only recently become an owner.  If your local store hasn’t got your dog’s dry or wet food in stock, there’s actually no need to worry. Our dogs are living breathing mammals just […]

22 Dec '20


Can My Dog Eat….

A Can Dogs Eat Apples? Apple pips are not good for dogs, they even contain some cyanide. But the flesh of an apple is safe and can be nutritious too. Apples are best fed as a once in a while snack or treat if your dog likes them. Like most fruits they are higher is […]

13 Dec '20


Protein For Dogs To Build Muscle

Whether you are looking to build up muscle on your dog following an injury, period of recovery or compete more strongly in a dog sport, the key is always in quality protein. Some dogs can also find themselves reducing in weight due to digestive issues. If the dog was not absorbing or digesting food efficiently […]

11 Dec '20


Three Reasons I Distrust Dog Food Corporations

Nutrition Research is Often Bogus Dr Ben Goldacre, in his 2013 book ‘Bad Pharma’, massacres fifty years of tampered human drug trials. In it, he says: ‘How do industry-sponsored trials almost always manage to get a positive result? It is, as far as anyone can be certain, a combination of factors. It may be that […]

9 Dec '20


Bacteria In The Bowl…

  Bacteria in the Bowl are a Fraction of All The Bugs in a Dog’s Life Death, Destruction and Damnation Salmonella! E.coli! Listeria! Parasites! Death, destruction and damnation. These are the guaranteed cries of people uneducated and inexperienced in feeding dogs raw food. Fear, fear and more fear is all they can teach. We all […]

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