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20 Jan '21


From Rescue to Raw – Lilly’s Journey

Thanks to The good folks at ProDog Raw, who spent so much time helping Lilly and our other rescue dogs, we have a very happy and healthy pack.

14 Jan '21


How ProDog Changed Winky’s Life

“ProDog this is your success! I wanted to let you all know I’ll never forget how much you helped both me and Winky make it through.”

Charlie & Riley’s Story

At ProDog, we see more rescue dogs than we would like. Not because we don’t like to see dogs but because they shouldn’t need rescuing and they all too frequently come with a sad story! Often, they have been mis-treated or malnourished as their owners have not fed them enough. On the other end of […]

The Benefits Of Raw With Kamal Fernandez & Sugar

Watch worldwide renowned professional dog trainer Kamal Fernandez talk about the amazing changes in condition and confidence that he saw in Sugar when they transitioned to Raw.

The Perfect Farm Dog Diet – Bryony Cole & Gus

Trust me, it can be one hell of an eye-opener when you delve a little deeper into the nutrition your dog is receiving.

The Results Speak For Themselves – Rachel Wilson

Watch professional dog trainer and 2 Dog Canicross Champion Rachel Wilson of DHK9 show the amazing condition and results she had with her dogs, Chaos & Hulk, when they transitioned to Raw.