Raw Dog Food Case Studies

Toni & Roma

Roma stumbled into my life about 18 months ago. In all of my history with dogs, never had I ever seen one that was in such a mess. Physically, mentally and emotionally, Roma needed help! I knew that I could penetrate that tough exterior by devoting lots of time, bundles of love, a good deal of training and a lot of patience. That is my job and it’s what I do. Nutritionally though I was out of my depth. I had no experience of a dog that was this malnourished. Here she was, stood in front of me a bag of bones with a dull coat and dry skin.

Building Her Up Again

My others dogs were already on ProDog Raw and thriving so I made a call to the team at ProDog asking for their advice on the best way to build Roma up physically that was safe for her delicate disposition.

They gave me a very clear food plan, a list of supplements & were on the end of the phone whenever I needed them to help Roma on her road to recovery. Within a few months she was starting to look amazing, a powerhouse with a coat of silk.

Roma touched my heart, as well as that of the ProDog team & they kindly offered all of the above for free to get Roma back on her feet.

Roma Became Part of the Family

I planned to fostered her until she was in a position (physically & behaviourally) where she could be rehomed. She wasn’t going to be easy to rehome though due to her size & how emotionally damaged she was. That however didn’t transpire and Roma came to live with me with and the family that she now trusted. It felt unfair to tear her away from the only bit of stability she’d ever had in her short life.

ProDog pledged their support to Roma throughout her life with her nutrition and, without fail, every month she has her food parcel arrive.

We Cannot Thank ProDog Enough

I can’t thank ProDog enough for the kindness they have shown Roma. They stepped in without hesitation to help her, and between us we have given her the life she truly deserves as the loyal, trustworthy dog she is.


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