Raw Feeding Helps Stiff Dalmatian Loosen Up

I have been raw feeding for 14 years on and off now, deciding 8 years ago to stick to it for good.

When I stopped feeding raw for a year I noticed my Dalmatian stopped being able to jump up and every time he went for a long walk he would be stiff and unable to move very well.

A month after going back to raw his movement was back to normal again and he was back to being his puppy self.

He is now 14.5 years old, old age has for the better of him as he is a big boy, but he’s never had 1 vet visit for being poorly in his life until now.

I breed mini poodles, I raw feed them and wean their pups onto it as well.

I find they grow more steadily, their coats are glossy and they thrive on it.

I don’t have any stomach issues with them or hyponess.

I also feed bones to young pups and to older dogs to help with teeth and well being.

Once you go raw you won’t go back.

It’s easy to feed if you buy complete and the dogs adore it, and they are always content.


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