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Missy’s ProDog Journey: The beneficial role of raw dog food for dogs with kidney disease

Anna Bain

Author: Anna Bain

Missy’s ProDog Journey: The beneficial role of raw dog food for dogs with kidney disease
Owner Carly Upton
Dog Missy

When Missy, the 10-and-a-half-year-old French cross English Mastiff, was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease and given a prognosis of only three months to live, Missy’s owner, Carly, faced numerous challenges. The most immediate of which was her dog refusing to eat the recommended renal kibble diet. Determined to find an alternative solution, Carly turned to a raw dog food diet with the guidance and support of Alison, ProDog Raw’s in-house canine nutritionist. 

Feeding raw dog food to dogs with kidney disease remains a subject of debate, with some common misconceptions often cited. While some experts express concern over potential risks, such as restricting protein in the diet and nutrient imbalances, others suggest that a carefully formulated raw diet may offer unique advantages for dogs with kidney disease.

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This case study delves into Missy’s remarkable recovery journey and explores the role that raw dog food played in the management of her condition, highlighting the effectiveness of a low-phosphorus raw food diet in supporting Missy’s health and continued vitality.

However, it’s important to note that whilst her story adds to the increasing amount of anecdotal evidence of the benefits of raw dog food, it’s vital that you consult a holistic or raw feeding advocate vet when dealing with diagnosed health conditions in order to combine treatment plans with the right nutrition for your dog’s individual needs. 

Missy’s story

Missy is a well-loved member of the Upton family and has lived with Carly, Ian, Joel and Brooke since puppyhood. Dogs are at the centre of Carly’s life as founder of dog walking business, Animal Ace Pet Services. As such, Missy has been lucky to have lots of friends to play with and plenty of sociable walks to join over the years. 

In February 2022, whilst carrying out her regular walks, Carly noticed that Missy wasn’t quite right: 

‘She was lagging behind and just wasn’t her usual, spritely self.’ 

Originally putting it down to the warmer weather, Missy then went on to lose 5kg and Carly couldn’t shake the feeling that there may be something more going on. As a result, the family booked a check-up at the vets, to get Missy fully assessed. 

Heartbreakingly, Missy was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease by their veterinarian and given only 2-3 months to live. At this moment, Carly was understandably devastated by the prognosis and the possibility of losing her best friend of over 10 years. 

The challenges 

Chronic kidney disease is a progressive condition characterised by the gradual loss of kidney function over time. It can lead to a range of distressing symptoms, including decreased appetite, weight loss, increased thirst and urination, and lethargy. 

Following Missy’s diagnosis, her vet prescribed a diet of renal kibble, however her refusal to eat the kibble led to Carly becoming increasingly concerned. After speaking to friends and family, the topic of raw dog food came up. In June 2022, in a last-ditch attempt to help Missy, before time ran out, Carly began researching raw feeding in detail.

 As part of this journey, Carly sought advice from Alison Frost, ProDog Raw’s Canine Nutritionist.

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Why Carly chose ProDog Raw Low Phosphorus Bundle 

Carly contacted ProDog Raw seeking assistance in finding a suitable diet for Missy that would align with her needs as a dog diagnosed with kidney disease. Alison Frost, ProDog Raw’s canine nutritionist, provided advice and support to Carly every step of the way. Highlighting immediately the importance of a high moisture, low-phosphorus diet for dogs with kidney disease, Alison recommended a raw dog food diet tailored to Missy’s condition.

ProDog Raw’s Low Phosphorous bundle is specifically formulated for dogs requiring a reduced phosphorus intake in their diet. This makes it suitable for dogs with certain health conditions, such as kidney disease. Each recipe is carefully formulated to provide dogs with a well-rounded, nutritionally balanced meal. The bundle provides a complete, nutritionally balanced diet for dogs. With high-quality ingredients, seasonal vegetables, superfoods, and flavourful options, designed to support the vitality, health, and well-being of dogs requiring a reduced phosphorus intake in their diet. 

Moisture and hydration is vital to dogs with kidney disease to help flush toxins out of the body and help support the removal of waste. As such,  Alison also advised the addition of ProDog’s Dandelion and Nettle Bone Broth to support Missy further. Bone broth is rich in nutrients, packed full of electrolytes to support hydration, whilst dandelion and nettle are supportive to the kidneys.

After an in-depth consultation, Carly placed her first order.  

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Introducing Missy to her new raw dog food diet 

With Alison’s guidance, Carly switched Missy to the raw food meals by following the feeding plan. This ensured Missy received balanced and nutrient-rich meals, while minimising the strain on her kidneys. 

To Carly’s delight, Missy loved ProDog Raw! She began to enjoy her meal times again, whilst more importantly, being able to build up her strength. Thinking back to that time, she tells us:

“This brought immense relief, at a time when hope was beginning to dwindle. I’ll be eternally grateful.”

The Results

Nearly a year later, the positive impact of the changes Carly made to Missy’s lifestyle became evident. Despite the initial prognosis of three months to live, Missy not only defied expectations but also thrived, with her vets being astounded by the turnaround they witnessed. 

Carly maintains that the switch to ProDog Raw’s low phosphorus diet was instrumental in helping her maintain her weight, regain vitality and therefore support the body’s natural defences. Carly explains how appreciative she is to Alison for her invaluable advice:

‘We’re now a year later and she is fighting fit. She is here because of ProDog Raw food.’


Carly’s dedication to Missy’s well-being was fuelled by their unbreakable bond. Witnessing Missy’s health decline was a distressing experience, however, the introduction of Missy’s new raw diet brought renewed hope and joy into their lives. The positive outcome not only provided relief for Carly but also created a positive ripple effect on the entire family.

With Missy’s newfound vitality, Carly’s family recently welcomed a new addition to their home—Rocky, a German Shepherd puppy. Missy has effortlessly taken on the role of a big sister, showcasing her resilience and adaptability. Carly intends to continue Missy’s raw food diet, recognising the significant impact it has had on her beloved dog’s health and overall well-being.

By delving into Missy’s unique journey, this case study offers valuable insights into the potential benefits of raw dog food for dogs with kidney disease. But It is important to note that this case study does not intend to provide definitive conclusions or promote raw feeding as a universal solution for all dogs with kidney disease. The importance of approaching each dog as an individual remains, therefore individualised treatment plans supported by tailored nutrition plans to meet a dog’s unique needs are vital.

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