Rescued Staffy Transforms On Raw Food & Natural Supplements

Lilly, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was rescued by the RSPCA at 6 years old. She had been locked outside and there was evidence that her mouth had either been wired or trapped shut. She was fed scraps and used to breed from until the RSPCA took her in.

ProDog Helped Lilly Lose Weight

After being rescued by the RSPCA, and before discovering ProDog Raw, Lilly was fed on kibble. When she was eventually introduced to their amazing food, she went from 18kg to an impressive 14kg. ProDog made it super easy for her to lose weight, not only because their food is easy to measure out but also because it’s easy to follow the online guide to show us how much she needed to be fed in order to lose the weight.

Lilly Case Study

Lilly is Happy and Healthy

Now Lilly is in the shape of her life. Alongside her raw, we give her ProDog Flexx which helps with her joints. She’s extremely active and is loving life. Thanks to The good folks at ProDog Raw, who spent so much time helping Lilly and our other rescue dogs, we have a very happy and healthy pack. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their raw food and their nutritional supplements. Thanks ProDog

Lizzie Ingram


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