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Anne Richens’ ProDog Experience: Flyball Performance and Healthier, Happier Dogs

When competing in dog sports, nutrition is everything. The right combination of fresh, species-appropriate ingredients contributes to dogs’ energy levels, stamina, and recovery, while supporting their ability to perform at a high level. Flyball enthusiast Anne Richens and her dogs know this first hand. In fact, it’s why Anne chose ProDog Raw’s meals and supplements for her team.

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Anne Richens’ ProDog Experience: Flyball Performance and Healthier, Happier Dogs

After years of feeding other raw brands, Anne found that ProDog’s quality was unmatched and now feeds it exclusively to her dogs Zola, Ossie, and Hope.  

The story of Anne Richens and her pack

Anne and her team of dogs compete in Flyball. She and her dogs, Hope and Zola, along with husband Ian’s dog Ossie are members of the Cambridgeshire Flyball team. They’ve been selected as one of eight teams to represent the UK in the Flyball World Cup, held in Germany in 2024.

Zola also competed with Cambridgeshire in the 2020 Flyball World Cup in Belgium.
Hope has previously competed in flyball at Crufts; one of the most prestigious events for the flyball calendar. Meanwhile, Ossie has been selected to run at Crufts in 2024.

All three dogs are trained weekly alongside their team mates at their local training venue. They also exercise daily outside of training sessions through regular walks and enjoying time in the garden at home. Anne attributes much of their success, health, and performance to the high-quality, raw food diet and nutritional supplements she gives them.

canine nutritional supplments aids dogs' energy

Before switching to ProDog Raw

Anne’s experience with raw feeding has proven to her that ProDog provides the right combination of nutrients and flavour for her dogs:

“I started feeding my dogs raw ten years ago. After seeing the benefits that other team members’ dogs were experiencing, I wanted the same for my Flyball team.”

However, whilst she did see these same benefits with her own dogs, Anne noticed that they still needed encouragement to eat and were often picky with certain varieties of other brands.

Anne knew that she was doing what was best for her dogs, but she felt there should be an easier way of providing them the nutrition they needed to feel and perform at their very best. She also wondered if they might be more enthusiastic about their meals if she tried another brand, and whether there was more she could do to contribute to their wellbeing.

Why Anne chose ProDog Raw meals and supplements

Anne chose ProDog Raw for a few reasons. First, she appreciated the fact that ProDog’s meat and vegetable ingredients were so easily visible, which gave her confidence that she was feeding her dogs high-quality raw meals and contributing to their optimal health.

Anne also loves the ease of adding ProDog’s Boost supplement to her dogs’ diets:

“It is so easy to incorporate ProDog’s Boost supplement into my dogs’ meals. I simply sprinkle it on their food each day, it couldn’t be easier! The dogs love it and I know they’re getting all the nutrients they need to perform to the best of their ability.”

Anne also loved the fact that ProDog’s expert feeding advisors were so readily available and always willing to answer any questions she had:

“The staff at ProDog have been 101% amazing. I prefer to speak to someone when I order my dogs’ food, and they really take the time to find out about my dogs. They’re so kind and helpful, it’s like chatting to a friend!”

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How Anne uses ProDog Raw meals and Boost nutritional supplement

Anne feeds her dogs ProDog’s raw meals and nutritional supplements daily. She varies their protein sources throughout the week, and includes Boost in her dogs’ meals. Due to the dogs’ willingness to eat it so enthusiastically, she and her husband, Ian, have bought a separate freezer for the dogs’ food and keep it stocked with ProDog Raw’s varieties constantly.

On competition days, Anne feeds the dogs sardines and eggs to further boost their performance, stamina, and recovery. She also gives them goat’s milk after training to ensure they’re thoroughly rehydrated and to replace any nutrients they may have lost through their rigorous exercise.

Nutritional supplement support for sports dogs

The results

”The results I’ve seen switching to ProDog Raw have been phenomenal. My Dogs all have shinier coats, no issues with maintaining their weight, and I’ve seen a marked improvement in their performance. This is especially true of Zola, who has found another gear that she never had access to before.”

Anne feels that ProDog Raw is responsible for these positive changes and is the best option for her dogs by far. Anne also reports that the addition of ProDog’s Boost supplement has contributed to their stamina during training.

Nutrition for active dogs, the natural way

For Flyball enthusiasts and other sporting dog owners, awareness of nutrition is especially important. These dogs are pushed to their physical limits and, while they love it to bits, they require additional support to ensure their bodies can handle their activities with ease.

ProDog Raw’s Canine Nutritionist, Alison Frost, explains:

“ProDog Raw ranges provide the essential nutrients active dogs need to perform at their very best, whilst keeping their weight, energy, and recovery rate at optimal levels. In my experience working with these breeds, I’ve seen positive results time and again when dogs are given the nutrients they need to support an active lifestyle.”

For more information on how ProDog’s raw dog food and nutritional supplements can help your active dog (or any dog), feel free to contact us at anytime. Our expert feeding advisors are happy to help you find the right balance for your dog’s activity level, health needs, and favourite meal options!


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