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A day in the life of a raw fed agility dog

A typical morning will start with all three dogs going outside for their morning toilets. Since switching from kibble to raw, their waste is far less often and their stools are more solid, rather than the loser stools usually seen on kibble fed dogs. Solid stools helps prevent anal gland problems, which is a very common problem. 

The spanner’s, Archie and Ava, will then have their breakfast. This will be a mixture of two completes, with some added extras. It’s super easy to do and there’s no preparation required, with pro dog raw. It’s a complete mix, so all you need to do is defrost! A common myth, which I previously believed, is that raw is time consuming and complicated, but their breakfast is ready in seconds, having been left to defrost the night before. Just put it in their bowls, as you would kibble, and then it’s ready to be eaten! They’ll wait and do some tricks for their food and Archie will always be drooling!! Ava is too lady like to do that! Hustle, the youngest, who’s a border collie, will do some fun learning for his puppy complete. He loves to learn and is very enthusiastic, knowing he’s about to get a mouthful of pure goodness. All three of my dogs are crazy for their pro dog raw.

Hustle, who’s currently 5 months old, will then go on his walk. Left over raw, from his breakfast (that I saved, it certainly wouldn’t be his choice to leave any!!!!) is used for some fun recall games. He instantly comes back and loves to do some tricks and fun interactions with his raw as a reward. If raw isn’t being used, he loves to have his pro dog treats! As previously stated, a common misconception is that raw is a hassle and a pain to feed, in comparison to kibble. But it’s easily defrosted and can be taken in a pot, mess free, to even use on the go! Just take a spoon and you’re ready for any adventure!

After their bellies have settled, Archie and Ava will go on a nice long walk. Their breakfast helps to fuel them for the day, ensuring they have enough energy for their hilarious spaniel antics. They are often up to mischief, looking for anything naughty they can do! I’ve noticed a huge difference in their energy levels since switching to raw, from kibble. Their muscle tone has vastly improved, with the raw providing a dense muscle structure.

In the afternoon, Arch and Ava will often do some fitness and conditioning work, using pro dog treats, which makes it more exciting! They also will have a bone, for example an ostrich bone, to munch on and help keep their teeth clean. They love it! The bones in raw food is extremely beneficial in its self, as its fantastic for fresh breath and maintains strong, clean teeth. People often believe that bones are dangerous for dogs, but in raw, the bones are ground up and will not splinter, so are safe for consumption. 

Throughout the day, hustle will do short fun training sessions. He’s like a little sponge and soaks up all his new tricks. 

In the evening, Archie and Ava will go out again for a nice walk. On Tuesdays, Archie will go agility training. Pro dog allows him to be the best version he can be and run well for the lesson. Archie underwent surgery over a year ago, after eating a foreign body. He began to reject kibble and would lose a lot of hair and have gunky eyes often. After trying many different kibbles, I chose to switch to raw. His hair soon grew back and his eyes haven’t had any issues since and his overall health has been the best. His skin condition improved, not being itchy anymore and his coat is looking healthier than ever. As a result, his vastly improved general health, meant for a happier dog and therefore a more enthusiastic dog at agility. 

Ava, will do some scent work, to help tire out her active brain. She loves to use her spaniel nose! They will also all get lots of cuddles and kisses, watching the TV. Their raw diet aids in fresher breath, in comparison to when they were on kibble, which means for a more enjoyable and pleasant experience, having them on the sofa.

Hustle too gets to go on an evening stroll, socialising and experiencing the outside world. 

On return, they will wait an hour or so, before feasting on their mighty pro dog tea. Again, Archie will be forming a giant puddle of slobbery drool on the floor, as he eagerly awaits to dive in, something he never did with kibble. Ava, will be looking her gorgeous shiny self, poised ready to stuff her pretty face. Both of their bowls are always licked clean, it wouldn’t be right if they didn’t!! 


The spaniels also have supplements mixed in their food, these have added benefits that ensure they are the healthiest and fittest they can be, although not necessary. Their good nutrition aids and assists in them being healthy and happy dogs, alongside their active lifestyle. The revive is super for recovery, after a busy day, ensuring maximum recovery and protection. Agility is very demanding, so I like to make sure their bodies are able to cope with that.  The pro dog supplements, alongside rehabilitation, allowed for a quick and fast recovery after Archie’s surgery, running better than ever. These supplements are great mixed into raw, being easily hidden, so your dog wouldn’t even know it’s there! 

Hustle will get to learn, or perfect, a trick with his dinner as his reward. He often offers many different behaviours, because he is super excited to eat, whereas he’d have little to no interest in kibble biscuits. 

They will go out before bedtime, to go for a toilet, before getting snug on their beds, having a bed time treat and then going fast asleep with their full bellies, to do it all again tomorrow, having a fun and exciting day whilst being fuelled fully on raw! 

Ellie Curtis


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