A Canine Critic


We’re recruiting three dogs to be our official Canine Critics. Their main job role? To eat a healthy balanced raw food diet, and be paid £100 per month, plus free food for the privilege.

If you’re a dog, this may sound like the perfect job (we’ll let you into a secret, it is) and if you’re a dog parent you might be thinking what is the catch? Well, if you’re passionate about your dog’s health, have a super strong bond with them, in that you can read their emotions and behaviours, and don’t mind documenting their journey on a raw dog food diet (let’s face it most of our phone storage is just photos of them doing stuff anyway) then there really is no catch. 

We’ve launched our new 80:10:10 raw dog food meal range and hope to gain invaluable customer insight on it, which is where our critics come in. The quality of our raw food is paramount to us, and who better to try and judge it than the customers themselves? Oh, and if you're new to raw feeding then do check out our raw dog food for beginners raw feeding guide.

As we’ve previously mentioned, each Canine Critic will be paid £100 per month, as well as receive a full 30 days worth of raw meals in the post. The job is open to any dog breed and to any age, however dogs with serious underlying health conditions should not apply. Dogs who suffer with regular flatulence, bad hair days, bad breath, large poops and laziness are encouraged to apply, as these are symptoms that raw food can directly improve - so basically the stinkier the better!

The dog’s owners will need to fill out weekly feedback questionnaires (which we’ll email to you), documenting their pet’s reaction to the new food. The feedback will involve noting the dog’s general behaviour, temperament, energy levels as well as more physical factors, such as the quality of its coat and stool consistency. Owners will also be encouraged to keep video diaries, where they film any notable differences in their dog’s behaviour (we would like to share these across our social channels, so if you’re not comfortable with this please don’t apply). Also, if you'd like to know how much you should be feeding your dog in general, then do check out our raw dog food calculator.

We’re hoping to recruit our critics by the 31st March, so if you think it’s about time your beloved dog contributes to the household income, please fill out the below form:

Terms & Conditions

By filling out the above application you are agreeing to ProDog Raw contacting you about your application, as well as any other products or services of theirs they think you might be interested in. If your application is successful and you/your dog are hired you must also give consent for ProDog Raw to share any media you provide as part of the job, across their social channels. The job requires the Canine Critic’s owner to post twice a week about their dog’s experience as the critic on their own or their dog’s social channels .

ProDog Raw reserves the right to terminate the employment immediately if the critic fails to do so.  

Disclaimer: The information provided in all product advice, safety data and technical data sheets is to the best of our knowledge correct but not all-inclusive and without warranty and is to be used solely as a guide. Similarly all technical advice, whether verbal, in writing, or as a result of sample trials, is for guidance and is given in good faith but without warranty, since site conditions and care and skill of application are beyond our control. ProDog Raw can accept no liability for the performance of our products, or any damage resulting from handling or contact beyond the value of the material supplied. This does not affect your statutory rights.

For dogs on any medication we advise you seek veterinary advice before agreeing to proceed with this Product.