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Running for the Hills founder, Sheryl, not only has a keen interest in running, she also loves the chance to run with her dog Flo, an English Springer Spaniel. Together they enjoy exploring the trails on the nearby Mendips.

10 Mar '21


How To Make Your Dog Your Own Food If The Stores Have Run Out

The recent reports of supermarket pet food shortages are naturally causing widespread concern amongst dog and cat owners – especially those who have only recently become an owner.  If your local store hasn’t got your dog’s dry or wet food in stock, there’s actually no need to worry. Our dogs are living breathing mammals just […]

16 Feb '21


Treats To Use When Feeding a Raw Diet

That’s it, your dog has switched to a raw, real food diet. You’ve done it. Delicious moisture-rich meats, fresh whole foods and only the finest supplements your money can buy go into that bowl. Yet, you have a whole tub full of mini Bonios left… You ask yourself, is there really a difference between natural […]

11 Feb '21


Trail Running with an English Springer Spaniel

Flo, a four-year old Springer and I have been running together since she was developed enough to run at 15 months. As an ultramarathon and keen trail runner, I run a lot of miles and am regularly covering between 5 and 25 miles at a time. It’s a wonderful way for Flo and I to […]