An Introduction to Raw Feeding

labrador eating raw dog food

The Golden Rules of Raw Feeding

The Golden Rules of Raw Feeding When it comes to feeding your dog a raw diet, the main objective is to feed them a species appropriate diet. What would they eat in the wild? Owners should endeavour to recreate the same diet using similar ingredients for their dogs regardless of […]
Bacteria dog food

Addressing the Concerns around Bacteria when feeding Raw Dog Food

Addressing the concerns around bacteria when Raw Dog Food There are many people who have concerns that raw feeding is an unhygienic practise that will introduce harmful bacteria to both them and their dogs. While it is no secret that there are potentially harmful bacteria in any meat used for […]
revive and flexx dog nutrition

Can ProDog Revive Help With Dog Agility?

Can ProDog Revive Help With Dog Agility Agility dogs are always on the go. They have demanding training regimes and tough competitions for which they need to be at their physical peak. They also need to be able to recover quickly between dog agility training sessions. In order to remain […]
Natural Dog Food Diet

Natural Raw Dog Food Diet, What are the Benefits?

The benefits of a natural raw dog food diet For many of us, what we eat is extremely important and we are always looking for ways to clean up our own diets but what about when it comes to our canine companions and the benefits of a natural raw dog […]
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Can I Mix Dry Dog Food With Raw Dog Food or Wet Dog Food?

Can you mix dry dog food with raw dog food or wet dog food?  In short there is only one answer and that is that you should never feed dogs a mix of raw dog food and dry food. In fact, if you were going to liken it to mixing […]
arthritis in dogs

How to Help Prevent and Manage Arthritis in Dogs

How to help prevent and manage arthritis in dogs Whether you are looking to prevent or manage arthritis in dogs, there are a number of steps that owners can take. In the first instance, it is important to understand what canine arthritis is and how it occurs as this will […]