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An Introduction to Raw Feeding

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by Mike Simmonds

Dogs are famous for being dustbins, happy and willing to eat anything and everything from human takeaways to their own vomit, and even faeces at times! While this may make dog owners more relaxed about what they feed their dogs, this should not in fact be the case. Despite significant superficial differences from the wolf, internally, domesticated dogs have evolved very little from canine ancestors, and anatomically remain remarkably similar to them. In the natural wild states, wolves would hunt, kill and eat often whole raw prey. Dogs and wolves are naturally designed and have evolved to gain the maximum benefits from such a diet. However, this is rarely what modern dogs are actually fed.

A Healthier Alternative to Kibble

Kibble (dry dog biscuits) is the most common type of food consumed by modern dogs, but is in fact woefully inadequate for them, and their natural needs. Kibble was introduced during the Second World War when most foodstuffs were rationed, but generally not grains. As a result, these grains were used to stretch what dogs would have ordinarily eaten, despite offering little nutritional value. After the Second World War and into more prosperous times, the commercial value of kibble became more widely recognised. Dog food manufacturers understood that kibble allowed them to cheaply manufacture foodstuffs which could subsequently be sold at a high-mark, allowing maximum profit. Unfortunately, little consideration was given to the health impact this would have on the dogs that ate it.

Processed Dog Foods Can Cause Health Issues

Kibble can cause any number of health problems. These include increasing the risk of bladder and kidney stones (kibble is dry, and increases the concentration of stone-causing minerals within the urinary system), chronic dehydration, indigestion and twisted gut because of how quickly dogs tend to eat it, joint inflammation, obesity, allergies and skin and coat problems. An improperly sealed bag of kibble will likely attract disease carrying pests, and degrade in humid conditions. Processed dog foods are also legally able to contain substances unhealthy for animals as long as they are not immediately fatal, and are laden with cheap intensively processed carbohydrakibble is bad for your dogtes and other ingredients dogs are unable to effectively process.





Choose a Species Appropriate Raw Dog Food Diet

Although dried and processed dog foods are common and readily available, a much better alternative exists: species appropriate raw dog food diets. Natural raw dog food diets offer carnivorous canines biologically appropriate unprocessed and uncooked foods which have been scientifically formulated to offer them maximum levels of nutritional benefit. As well as having the required protein levels to properly support a dogs anatomical needs, raw dog food products also introduce the compounds and minerals a wolf or dog would be ingesting through the carcass and organs of prey it had killed itself. This may include bone and offal content which have been integrated into the meal, and fibre (naturally found in fur) introduced through vegetable ingredients. ProDog Raw also offers offal free raw dog food options, so that dog owners can reduce their dog’s risk of purine-related health problems, i.e. bladder and kidney stones, if they have a breed susceptible to this health issue.

ProDog Make Raw Feeding Simple

Although raw dog food may appear somewhat intimidating, dog owners should not be deterred from introducing it to their dog’s diets. ProDog Raw make this a simple ‘defrost and serve’ process for you, which is just as easy as tipping kibble into a bowl. Raw dog food diets are by far the cleanest and healthiest, combining nutrient control, naturalness, and high-value food items into every meal. We welcome you to sample some of our raw dog food recipes, and look forward to supporting you in your transition to more healthily feeding your dogs.

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    Hi, just came across your site looks great. Just wanted to check if you deliver to Northern Ireland. If so I have a akita what food or supplements would u recommend. Thanks in advance.

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